E.g., 08/09/2020
E.g., 08/09/2020
Tool & Description
Transifex Translation Management Platform

Transifex puts you in control of the localization process. Automate, manage, translate and collaborate on everything from apps to documentation to subtitles.


Translate from timed template to another language

Create second language subtitles with timed template. Import and export in variety of formats. Perform automated QC checks.

translatewiki.net (MediaWiki Translate)

translatewiki.net is a hosted service and community for continuous localization of open source software in over 400 languages, used by Wikimedia, Google, OSM, Mifos, Mantis, EoL and others. Its technology, MediaWiki translate, is available for self-hosted translation of software and documents of any kind and is used by thousands translators in hundreds companies.

Translation Office 3000

Translation Office 3000 is the first and leading translation management system designed specifically for freelance translators and small translation agencies. TO3000 easily and seamlessly integrates into the business life of professional freelance translators. TO3000 transforms the complex and diverse world of the translation business into a manageable concept implemented in software. Used by thousands of translators in 80 countries!


Tstream® is Xplanation's internally developed translation platform. It consists of a fully integrated suite of tools such as:

  • secure portal;
  • terminology management;
  • CAT and associated automated quality assurance tools;
  • validation tool for in-country review;
  • Tstream®Connect for integration to CMS (Content Management Systems)
Tstream Connect

Tstream®Connect is a set of web services that allows you to directly send the files to Tstream® Translation Management System with all the necessary information.The technology behind this process is SOAP, or “Simple Object Access Protocol”, a protocol for exchanging xml-based messages over computer networks.

Xplanation allows integration with a variety of CMS such as EpiServer, Sitecore or Sharepoint and offers the following:


uSked is an end-to-end language service provider scheduling software and app designed to streamline the navigation of service requests. With comprehensive screening, scheduling and invoice processing, we have been able to save organizations money and improve the interpreter, translator, coordinator and customer experience. With roots in sign language interpreting, we understand the nuances of scheduling language service providers. uSked was born out of a need for a robust and agile way to improve the experience for everyone involved.


What does differentiate Verifika from other tools?

Virtus Translator

Virtus is a specialized tool designed developed by Ntrepid Corporation for maximum performance on structured data, such as found in spreadsheet and database tables.  The Virtus engine uses statistical machine learning techniques to identify the language and category of each column in a table.  The categories for which Virtus is optimized include names of people, locations and organizations as well as supplemental information such as job title, education level, nationality and religion.


Wordbee is an affordable, full featured translation management system that will enable translation agencies, government institutions, global corporations to handle the complete translation process with just a few clicks.Wordbee offers:

Wordbee Beebox

The Beebox is a solution to easily have CMS or other content translated. It acts as a middleware between a content source and a translation management system (TMS) such as Wordbee Translator. Beebox consolidates, analyzes and re-distributes digital content to make it translation-ready, pushing it directly to the translation teams. Then, when the work is finished, Beebox collects it all and puts it back where it came from.

Key capabilities

XTM Cloud

XTM International develops XTM, an award-winning online Translation Management System (TMS) with an integrated Computer Aided Translation (CAT). The centrally shared TM, terminology, workflow and translator workbench are all accessed via a browser. While XTM is cost effective and easy to use, it is a scalable system, that is built for collaboration and incorporates a comprehensive API. Our global customers include some of the world’s largest enterprises and LSPs.


XTM International Ltd

XTM Cloud
XTRF Translation Management System

XTRF is an innovative platform, supporting the work of translation departments, covering almost all areas of activity including translation project and work-flow management, customer and vendor database management, invoicing management, support of sales activities, preparation of quotes, project file management and quality management. The system is also expandable to include an on-line partner portal for customers and vendors. XTRF delivers immediate time – and cost-savings through the automation of the project management tasks.


YOOtranslate generates automated translations originating from several MT engines, rule-based as well as statistical. Without commitment or investment, customers simply upload their source files and receive the MT output in bilingual format (source and target segments) - ready for further processing.