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E.g., 08/13/2020
Tool & Description
memoQ translator pro

After winning the ITI’s (Institution of Translation and Interpreting) ‘Best Translation Software 2011’ award and being rated #1 by Common Sense Advisory among translation-centric TMS systems and appreciated by thousands of freelance and in-house translators, memoQ is quickly gaining popularity in the field of translation technology.


Memsource is a leading AI-powered, cloud-based translation platform that enables global companies, agencies, and translators to collaborate in one secure online location. Founded in 2010, Memsource is internationally recognized for providing an easy-to-use, yet powerful translation environment which processes over two billion words per month from over 200,000 users around the world.

Memsource TMS
MT plus

MT plus takes a hybrid approach to ensure the highest quality results: we enhance the self-learning and probability benefits of a statistical approach with the grammatical benefits of a rules-based approach. To enhance this solution and pass on even more savings, MT plus also combines the benefits of TM (translation memory) into a single system.


Multilizer is a solution for localization of software, documents and other content. Multilizer Localization Tools are for both enterprises and individuals. They are designed for engineers, developers, translators and localization professionals who want to optimize and get maximum savings out of their localization projects. Multilizer supports the localization of dozens of software and document formats. All localizable information is in a single Multilizer project, simplifying the localization project administration.

Multilizer PDF Translator

Multilizer PDF Translator is an automatic translation tool for PDF files. This easy-to-use tool is for both individuals and professionals. The text of the PDF document is being machine translated. The translated text will be saved as a new file together with all the visual elements of the original file in the original alignment. The original PDF file won't be modified. The user can choose the file format for the translation among several options. Multilizer PDF Translator uses quota. The user can choose to buy new quota if needed.

NUCLEUS - Translation Management Platform

Nucleus is a cloud-based global translation management platform designed to be used by translators as well as to consolidate large organizations’ translation quality processes. With a slick and dynamic CAT interface, it features a robust file, project, and workflow management system that keeps YOU at the core of the translation and localization process.

Okapi Framework

The Okapi Framework is a free, open-source and cross-platform set of components and applications designed to help your localization and translation processes. The project uses and promotes open standards such as XLIFF, TMX, SRX, ITS and other formats. It is an OAXAL 1.0 implementation.


ONTRAM is a user-friendly tool currently enjoyed by more than 2,000 users. Thanks to its fully web-based approach, open interfaces and the integration of all project participants within a shared workflow, ONTRAM enables efficient translation management and a market adaptation in real time. Over 100 different file formats and systems can be imported in ONTRAM or linked to the software by means of tailored interfaces.

OOONA Manager

OOONA Manager is a cloud-based system for the seamless management of localization, translation and captioning workflows in a user-centric approach.

Designed for localization service providers, OOONA Manager uses current web and database technologies to provide an intuitive and easy-to-use system. With integrated financial tools, project dashboards and internal message system, OOONA Manager offers instant and full visibility of the entire localization workflow, thus hugely reducing the scope for human error and eliminating duplication of effort.

OOONA Toolkit


Create and edit captions and subtitles in any language online, using simple and intuitive web interface. State-of-the-art tools allow frame-accurate text timing with advanced timeline, video grid for precise caption positioning on the screen, audio waveform and scene-change detection for accurate subtitle spotting.

Plunet BusinessManager

The translation management system Plunet BusinessManager provides a high degree of automation and flexibility for professional language service providers and translation departments. Using a web-based platform, Plunet integrates translation software, financial accounting and quality management systems. Within a configurable system, various functions and extensions of Plunet BusinessManager can be adapted to individual needs.


Projetex is Project Management Software for Translation Agencies. It tremendously simplifies task of managing in-house translators and freelance translators, data and files sharing within translation agency and provides multiple benefits for each in-house translator and freelance translator. System Administrator of Translation Agency, General Management of Translation Agency, Sales Representatives of Translation Agency, Translation Project Managers, Human Resources Managers, Corporate Experts, and Accountants will be able to quickly learn Projetex 8 and upgrade their work processes.


Protemos is an easy-to-use and functional business management system for freelancers and translation companies. It unifies such features as project, vendor and client management, finances, documents generation, files storage, business reports. 

It takes several minutes to start, and does not require any special knowledge and long-term training. 

QA Distiller

QA Distiller is a stand-alone tool to find translation mistakes in bilingual files.

  • QA Distiller automatically detects common errors like double spaces, missing brackets, wrong number formats.
  • You can jump directly to the location of the error in the file format's proprietary editor or the internal X-Editor.
  • You can create different profiles, create your own checks and reduce the noise from false positives using regular expressions.

quickTerm enables you to


Rainbow is a cross-platform application to launch different utilities to help you perform various localization-relate tasks.
Its features include for example:
- Creation of translation packages (e.g. XLIFF, OmegaT, RTF).
- Conversion of character encoding or line-breaks.
- Conversion to various file formats.
- Terminology extraction and quality check reports.
- Batch translation using various MT and TM sources.
- Pseudo-translation and various modifications of the source text for testing.


QC subtitles or send for online reviewing and editing

Real-time preview of videos with captions and subtitles. Share project for online review or editing. No need to download or install anything.

review plus

Our in-house technical team designed review plus as the complete review solution, whilst allowing it to remain highly adaptable to your specific needs. From offering a centralized platform through which all stakeholders can access the most recent version of any text, to a transparent reporting system allowing you to see exactly which text has been altered, by whom and their progress status, our clients love how review plus has revolutionized the way they manage their translation projects.

Safaba EMTGlobal™

EMTGlobal™ is an enterprise machine translation technology capable of adapting quickly and accurately to individual enterprise and domain language by leveraging advanced adaptation technologies. EMTGlobal™ translation systems automatically translate vast amounts of digital enterprise content, introducing greater speed, agility and efficiency in global brand communications.

SDL Trados Studio


Leading translation software for everyone...

Over 270,000 translators and 80% of the localization community trust SDL’s industry-leading translation software. We've been in the language business for 30 years and we understand what matters most to language professionals.

SDL Trados Studio 2021 is the ground-breaking, dynamic translation solution offering true flexibility for busy translators and project managers. 


Sisulizer 3 helps software developers to translate strings and/or string resources in Delphi, C#, VB.NET, C++, C, Java, HTML, ASP, PHP, Javascript, Silverlight, XML, Prism, Oxygene, Visual Basic, Databases, HTML Help, GNU gettext, and many more formats. We at Sisulizer call this state-of-the-art software localization. Sisulizer version 3 comes with support for new platforms like Android, FireMonkey, Delphi XE4 64-Bit and improved .NET support.

Smartling Translation Management Platform

Smartling helps ambitious brands access more markets, deliver better experiences, and build stronger relationships by transforming the way their content is created and consumed around the world. Our translation management software prioritizes process automation and intelligent collaboration so that companies can quickly and cost-effectively localize their websites, apps, and documents with minimal IT involvement.

Smartling Translation Management System

The Smartling Translation Management System (TMS) is the first platform built to manage the entire translation, localization and delivery process in the cloud. The platform matches the agile pace of business today, rendering the traditional costly, slow and tedious translation model obsolete. Putting the process in the cloud, Smartling automates workflows, improves the quality of translations by providing context and visibility, and speeds deployment exponentially — while meeting the quality requirements of the largest global companies and the hottest consumer web and mobile companies.


Snagit, the #1 software product used by technical communicators*, has long been the go-to tool for capturing and editing screenshots for user documentation and training guides. In recent years, it's also become popular for making quick screencast videos and animated GIFs to illustrate help content.