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E.g., 08/09/2020
Tool & Description
GliderPath TMS

GliderPath TMS saves you precious time by automating the most painful and time-consuming tasks of project management and ensures that you stay on top of the quality and profitability of your projects, so you have more time to focus on growing your business.


Globalese gives you all the power of neural machine translation technology:

  • Super smooth output
  • High performance

Use your Translation Memories to create high-quality, custom neural engines and increase your translation productivity. Globalese is easy to use, and is available as a cloud solution or local installation.

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The review process, particularly in-country review, adds quite a few complexities to the translation process:


GlobalSight manages and streamlines all of the tasks involved in the localization process - from requesting new translations to quoting, project management, translating, reviewing, Desktop Publishing (DTP), reporting and so on.

GlobalSight automates as much as possible, while providing a set of tools for handling the most common tasks. 

i plus - Translation Management System

i plus is the unique translation management system (TMS) from translate plus. It has been completely designed and built in-house, enabling our team of developers to continually add updates and to personalize its functionality to meet your specific requirements – something that no other “off-the-shelf” TMS can offer your business. This not only saves you time but our automated processes and streamlined solution means you receive great savings too!


Remote interpreting - with real interpreters

Interpreter Management System (IMS)

Providing interpreters is an integral service provided by many of the hospitals and medical centers. Interpreter scheduling can be a very dynamic and ever-changing process with thousands of bookings which can, in turn, mean thousands of changes.


KeyStone, created and developed at Centrum Lokalizacji CM, is a proprietary tool that, as the first on the market, offers computer support in one of the most burdensome translation processes - translation editing. Since there can be no translation editing without checking the terminology used, this tool offers a terminology verification system, which is a crucial part of the whole solution.

Kieli Localization

To support our clients with their tasks, we work with many softwares and tools depending on the type of task requested. We  use OmegaT, Poedit and WordFast for the translation and localization of software applications and and websites. We use also WordNet, Araya for extracting and tagging linguistic corpora. Finally, we use Python and NLTK and RegEx for the tagging, analysing and classifying linguistic corpora.

Language Studio™

The Omniscien Technologies' Language Studio™ family of products is a leading-edge platform and solution for language processing, statistical and hybrid neural Machine Translation as well as Machine Learning, available as Language Studio™ Cloud platform as well as Language Studio™ Enterprise for clients who require an on premise or private cloud deployment for very high volumes or enhanced privacy.

LBS Suite


LBS Suite is a strong Translation Management System (TMS) that will significantly help you to improve your daily workflow. The tool presents a high degree of automation and customization to fit your needs. Furthermore, with its Development Partnership program, our clients are now stakeholders in the directions our software development.

LBS Suite main module allows you to:


LIDAX is a business management system for language service providers. A user-friendly interface, simple intuitive structure, online access from anywhere and ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality management support make LIDAX a unique solution for language service providers to organise their business efficiently. The system is available in three different editions designed for the specific needs of freelance language professionals, small and medium-sized language service companies and language service companies with multiple offices.


The automation and centralisation of translation processes increasingly gains in importance in companies and translation agencies. Work processes are significantly accelerated and simplified, safer, more transparent and more efficient.

Based on many years of experience, LEGINDA GmbH in cooperation with the software company META-LEVEL Software AG, developed a web-based translation management system which connects all users and makes translations management easy as child’s play.

Lingotek - Translation Management System

Our clients effectively manage translation using an intuitive, cloud-based dashboard. Translators use a completely browser-based translation interface that provides access to all the tools needed to produce high quality translations, including glossaries, style guides, and translation memory. Our software tools and translation services can adapt to fit your content translation needs by matching your timeline and budget to the appropriate workflow—from machine translation post-editing to professional, and everything in between.


Linguify (a reverse proxy solution) can localize the UI of any website or enterprise application (desktop or web-cloud) in any language without the need to modify the underlying source code. Linguify can handle localization of complex banking / logistics / insurance applications as well as leading enterprise software products. It is the only solution that can work on desktop as well as web applications with proven and working clients. Most banks, insurance firms and govt agencies in India are the clients with new B2C firms now localizing their websites using Linguify. 

LinguistLink Talent Collaboration Platform

LinguistLink allows you to collaborate with qualified linguists for a variety of localization tasks. Click here to learn more.

LinQ - Linguistic quality assessment in cloud

Linguistic quality assessment (LQA) web-app: simple SaaS tool for LSPs to run LQA tasks online, to calculate quality index  based on MQM model, and to automate communication between translator and reviewer


We deliver millions of localized experiences for 500+ companies every day.

Localize offers powerful solutions for automating the translation of web, backend, mobile, and file based content, saving you time and money with tools and libraries that your developers will love.

Why you should Localize your website/application:

Logrus Recode

Recode utility designed to convert arbitrary text files from one encoding standard that is supported by Windows, into a different encoding (ANSI<->UTF8<->JAVA<->UNICODE(UTF16 Little Endian)<->BUNICODE(UTF16 Big Endian)<->UTF32(Little Endian)<->BUTF32(Big Endian)).

In addition to the actual code conversion Logrus Recode allows:

Logrus TMX Editor

Logrus TMX Editor is a tabular TMX data editor. It supports: 1) splitting/merging tmx files; 2)    tmx file creation for given language pair; 3) export/import into several file formats; 4) searching units and text fragments with wildcard features; 5) removing tags (HTML, XML and RTF tags are supported)

Lucy LT

Lucy LT is a powerful, highly modular machine translation platform.

Support text formats & document types (Format is retained during translation):

- ASCII text.
- MS Office (docx, xlsx, pptx).
- HTML / HTML 5 (full support).
- XML.

Translation Directions: 
Lucy Software offers translation solutions for 34 translation directions. More languages are in preparation.
Additional solutions can be provided using Open Source Moses or Machine Translation Systems from partners.

System Integration & API:

MadCap Lingo

MadCap Lingo is a translation management solution designed to assist technical writers, documentation specialists and professional translators in the translation and localization process. Improve translation efficiency with a streamlined workflow using built-in Translation Memory technology (TMX support), detailed reporting capabilities, and advanced translation features such as alignment, termbases and more.

Máni Localization Management Tool

Moonbase Design Inc. is a Developer of web-based, collaborative production tools for the video game industry. Moonbase is the vision of Lawrence Sparling, who has been at the forefront of online integrated management systems for the past 17 years. His broad vision and wide skill set give him the unique ability to design intuitive solutions for complex workflows. Lawrence has created online custom tools and information management systems for big game companies such as Electronic Arts, Rockstar Vancouver, Capcom, and United Front Games.


MateCat is an enterprise-level, web-based CAT tool designed to make post-editing and outsourcing easy and to provide a complete set of features to manage and monitor translation projects. MateCat provides the ideal environment for post-editing and translation. Thanks to the integration of the largest collaborative translation memory and the best machine translation, you will always get from 10% to 20% more matches than with any other CAT tool and translate faster than ever.

memoQ server

A memoQ server allows translators to work together, to share every single sentence translated, every single term suggested in real time.