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TheGlobalizor by Kinetic theTechnologyAgency

Kinetic theTechnologyAgency provides Translation Management System Software created specifically for the buyer. We don’t do translations; we offer a vendor-independent system that provides enterprise-wide project management, centralized Translation Memory, and an exclusive vendor ratings system based on cost, turnaround time and word error count. Additionally, our system contains a “1-click” auto-bidding platform, so that you will know the exact cost and which vendor is best rated for the specific language pair before the translation projects are assigned.

The Word Point

The Word Point is the service that helps translates various documents and papers as well as websites with the help of both translators and computers.

The Translation Network

Lingotek | The Translation Network is a cloud-based translation services provider, offering translation management software and professional linguistic services. We are the leader in collaborative translation technology with an innovative cloud translation management system (TMS) that uses computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to facilitate faster, more efficient, language translation. Our multilingual application program interfaces (API) and connectors pair with the industry’s top enterprise applications to automate and integrate the translation process. 


Textomate is a tool for counting the number of words in files

  • Supports all the most popular file formats: pdf, rtf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, txt, epub, ods, odt ,chm, html, xml

  • Provides easy way to count words on web sites just by link

  • Counting in different units: words, characters, lines, pages, including or excluding numbers and spaces

  • Generates PDF report with detailed result so you can easily share it


TEXT (Terminology EXtraction Tool) is an online solution and thus can be accessed from just about anywhere. All you need is an Internet browser. This tool offers terminology extraction in the monolingual mode, offering a list of source terms, and in the bilingual mode in which a glossary containing source terms and their counterparts in the target language is generated. All file formats based on the XLIFF and TMX standards are supported, as well as TTX, SDLXLIFF, and both mono- and bilingual DOCX files. Furthermore, monolingual TXT and HTML files can be analyzed.


Please see http://www.interverbumtech.com for full presentation.

Termologic Term Extraction

Termologic provides a unique solution that combines state-of-the-art linguistically-motivated term extraction with expert post-processing and cleanup. We can also prepare the terminology for import into your terminology management system, including carrying out additional research and converting file structures accordingly. All the terms we provide are high-quality, no further evaluation or cleanup is required at the customer site. Prices vary according to volumes.

Terminotix LogiTerm

LogiTerm is just an awesome tool that can perform many tasks:
- Document Alignment;  Term Extraction; Terminology Management; Powerful search capabilities in terminology, bitext files and unilingual documents; Pretranslation; and much more!


Termcheck 2.0

Termcheck verifies the accuracy of terminology in TTX, TMX, XLIFF, and TXT (tab-separated) bilingual documents translated from English to inflected languages, with support both for inflections (via a word form database) and for fuzzy matches. Besides, it provides correct processing of both case-sensitive and non-case-sensitive glossaries and recognises plural word forms in the source (English) text. The tool enables the final user to receive easy-to-read terminology QA report listing all mistakes and useful statistics, and ZERO false positives.

Term checker for ASD-STE100

This term checker uses LanguageTool as a framework. The grammar and the terms that the term checker validates are specified in 4 XML files.

You must customize the rules to include the Technical Names and the Technical Verbs that your organization uses.

Optionally, you can customize the rules to make a term checker for other issues of ASD-STE100, for other controlled languages, or for style guides such as the Microsoft Manual of Style.

tauyou machine translation

The machine translation solutions offered by tauyou language technology are best-suited for Language Service Providers and companies with internal translation teams. For a flat rate per month per server, you can create as many domains and language pairs as you like, and translate an unlimited amount of words. The engine is statistical, but we have several proprietary rule-based modules to enchance the quality of the output. We apply advanced Natural Language Processing techniques to make it hybrid.


SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 7 is the only comprehensive solution able to meet the full range of machine translation needs for Global Organizations. Supporting unlimited user access and millions of translations per day, the solution is easy to deploy on a corporate intranet or extranet, on one or multiple servers. It translates most types of documents and file formats, and seamlessly integrates within any business application such as content management, eCommerce, Customer support, business intelligence, knowledge management, and eDiscovery.

Sysfilter Business Suite

The new Sysfilter Business Suite has what it takes!

• All 7 proven and effective Sysfilter Programs
Sysfilter for InDesign® IDML, Vers. 3
Sysfilter for InDesign®, Vers. 2
Sysfilter for Illustrator® 
Sysfilter for Photoshop® 
Sysfilter for PowerPoint ®
Sysfilter for Visio®
Sysfilter for CorelDRAW 12- X6

• 3 PDF filters with integrated PDF Editor
• Specialist know-how for optimum processing of PDF documents
• Free updates for 3 years


Subtitle Converter

Convert any subtitle format

Convert between caption and subtitle formats. Generate image-based subtitles for DVD/BD.


Snagit, the #1 software product used by technical communicators*, has long been the go-to tool for capturing and editing screenshots for user documentation and training guides. In recent years, it's also become popular for making quick screencast videos and animated GIFs to illustrate help content.

Smartling Translation Management System

The Smartling Translation Management System (TMS) is the first platform built to manage the entire translation, localization and delivery process in the cloud. The platform matches the agile pace of business today, rendering the traditional costly, slow and tedious translation model obsolete. Putting the process in the cloud, Smartling automates workflows, improves the quality of translations by providing context and visibility, and speeds deployment exponentially — while meeting the quality requirements of the largest global companies and the hottest consumer web and mobile companies.

Smartling Translation Management Platform

Smartling helps ambitious brands access more markets, deliver better experiences, and build stronger relationships by transforming the way their content is created and consumed around the world. Our translation management software prioritizes process automation and intelligent collaboration so that companies can quickly and cost-effectively localize their websites, apps, and documents with minimal IT involvement.


Sisulizer 3 helps software developers to translate strings and/or string resources in Delphi, C#, VB.NET, C++, C, Java, HTML, ASP, PHP, Javascript, Silverlight, XML, Prism, Oxygene, Visual Basic, Databases, HTML Help, GNU gettext, and many more formats. We at Sisulizer call this state-of-the-art software localization. Sisulizer version 3 comes with support for new platforms like Android, FireMonkey, Delphi XE4 64-Bit and improved .NET support.

SDL Trados Studio

SDL Trados Studio is the leading translation software for language professionals who want to translate and review projects, use terminology and get the most out of machine translation in one simple desktop application.


Safaba EMTGlobal™

EMTGlobal™ is an enterprise machine translation technology capable of adapting quickly and accurately to individual enterprise and domain language by leveraging advanced adaptation technologies. EMTGlobal™ translation systems automatically translate vast amounts of digital enterprise content, introducing greater speed, agility and efficiency in global brand communications.

review plus

Our in-house technical team designed review plus as the complete review solution, whilst allowing it to remain highly adaptable to your specific needs. From offering a centralized platform through which all stakeholders can access the most recent version of any text, to a transparent reporting system allowing you to see exactly which text has been altered, by whom and their progress status, our clients love how review plus has revolutionized the way they manage their translation projects.


QC subtitles or send for online reviewing and editing

Real-time preview of videos with captions and subtitles. Share project for online review or editing. No need to download or install anything.


Rainbow is a cross-platform application to launch different utilities to help you perform various localization-relate tasks.
Its features include for example:
- Creation of translation packages (e.g. XLIFF, OmegaT, RTF).
- Conversion of character encoding or line-breaks.
- Conversion to various file formats.
- Terminology extraction and quality check reports.
- Batch translation using various MT and TM sources.
- Pseudo-translation and various modifications of the source text for testing.


quickTerm enables you to