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E.g., 08/13/2020
Tool & Description
ABBYY Lingvo.Pro

Lingvo.Pro is an easy-to-use, browser-based terminology management solution with comprehensive capabilities for creating, sharing and maintaining corporate multilingual glossaries. Intuitive to use and configurable in minutes, Lingvo.Pro does not require installing any special software. Store, manage, and access your glossaries, Translation Memories, and dictionaries via a centralized repository in the cloud. Linguistic assets are easily shared with all project participants, who can use terminology checks to complete their work with better speed and quality.


AceProof is a simple and user-friendly translation quality assurance tool.

AceProof supports all popular file formats: DOC(X), RTF, XLS(X), HE (Helium), TMX, TTX, XLF, XLZ, SDLXLIFF, MQXLIFF, MQXLZ.

The tool allows analyzing 5 categories of errors in translated texts:


AcroLexic 2.0 is a dictionary of acronyms and abbreviations. Currently it contains more than 70,000 terms with more than 150,000 definitions! This dictionary will be a valuable addition to your electronic bookshelf. It will relieve you from the pain and stress of tediously searching through countless pages of dictionaries each time you come across an unknown abbreviation.

Across Language Server

Translation Management System (TMS) as a Central Platform In the globalized economy, marketing material, product documents, Web pages, and manuals need to be prepared in ever shorter time periods and in multiple languages. Thus, translation management becomes a great challenge, since every project involves numerous participants from the creation of the source text to the release of a translation. The Across Language Server helps you to make translation processes more efficient, thereby saving time and money.

Across Language Server v6.3

As of version 6.3, Across Systems enables the users of its translation management system to integrate third-party systems in their Across workflows in a controlled manner, thereby expanding the eco-system of the Across Language Server with new possibilities. For example, the add-on component crossConnect for External Editing allows the export of tasks to machine translation systems or external correction processes and secure re-import upon completion. The translation environment also boasts a number of new features.

Across LSP Edition

Translation projects mean more than the mere conversion of a text to another language. Many work steps, such as the cumbersome assignment of a Task to a Person by e-mail, take a lot of time. In Across, all projects are centrally managed in a shared work environment, regardless of the file format or language. With the intuitive workflow, project managers can define automated release processes and distribute tasks. Relevant information and data are exchanged over a platform to which all parties are connected, from the customer to the corrector.

Across Subcontractor Edition

When your customers request translations, they do not only expect professional quality in as short a time as possible, but often also determine the shared work environment for the exchange of data as a condition for the collaboration. As a language service provider, you are thus often faced with the decision to either reject the order or to invest in an additional, expensive system. To address this issue, Across now offers the Subcontractor Edition, a special edition of the Across Language Server that is tuned to the needs of language Service providers, to enable an inexpensive entry.

Agreement Checker

On January 1, 2009 Brazil implemented a New Orthographic Agreement. While everyone has adapted to new rules, including standard word processors, how can one deal with legacy material, such as translation memories, content management systems or the like. With the Ccaps New Brazilian Spelling TM Compliance Tool, legacy material does not need to be reviewed by humans to comply with the new orthographic rules, as it adapts Brazilian Portuguese words to the new spelling rules in exported translation memory files.

AltLang (version 1.0RC1)

Managing language varieties to accurately address speakers of a common language (i.e. British and American English) is both exciting and complex. Now, Altlang reduces the complexity of this task by adapting corporate content into different language varieties, taking care of spelling, vocabulary, idioms, grammar and style phenomena, i.e. punctuation or hour and date format.


AnyCount is automatic text count, line count, character count and word count software for all common file formats. 



AnyLexic is a terminology Management Software for multiple dictionaries or glossaries. It is designed for easy and convenient terminology database managing. This advanced software is used for working with terminology database, creating, editing and exchanging glossaries and dictionaries in a reliable and convenient way. Manage terminology dictionaries in a reliable and convenient way: all the terminology is stored in one database. Exchange terminology dictionaries and glossaries with your colleagues without loosing term consistency.


AnyMem is a user-friendly translation memory software. AnyMem is compact, stable, easy to learn and to use. AnyMem CAT engine fully supports Unicode and can work with any language pair without the need of external components, like .NET Framework or Java Virtual Machine, commonly required by other translation memory software.

Burn & Encode

Burn & Encode

Burn captions or subtitles into video with just a few clicks. Render MP4/MOV (h.264), ProRes HQ, etc.


CATCount is useful CAT tool. CATCount eases accounting of Computer Assisted Translation Jobs by translating complex CAT Scheme into one easy number. Additionally, it provides great features for printing and export of used CAT Scheme together with original wordcounts, and resulting CATCount. Wordcount analysis logs of Trados Translator's Workbench are processed automatically.


ChangeTracker is a freeware for tracking changes in bilingual documents. Compare translations in TTX, TMX, TXML, SDLXliff, MemoQ Xliff, XLZ, and tagged MS Word documents. Visualize the edits to speed up self-proofreading, streamline the linguistic quality assessment, and easily provide the evidence of TEP to stay compliant with the client and regulatory requirement.


ClipCount 2.0: Clipboard Character Count and Word Count Software. EUR12 only.

Ideal for fast text count in any file or program. Just select text you want to count and press CTRL+C keys (or any other combination you select) and window with count results appears in the bottom right corner of the screen.
ClipCount can count word, characters with spaces, characters without spaces and custom count units.
ClipCount can skip numbers.

CLS Machine Translation

Fast and cost effective communication at the touch of a button

Perfect for texts needed at very short notice and when the highest standards of accuracy are not required.

Instantly understand e-mails, minutes and websites written in other languages
Completely secure, with the highest standards of confidentiality



A simple tool to compare two subtitle files side by side. Compare text, timing, positioning.

ContentQuo Translation Quality Management SaaS

ContentQuo helps corporate localization teams and LSPs lower their language quality risk, optimise translation ROI, and improve vendor performance with a data-driven approach. Our all-in-one linguistic quality management SaaS makes it easy to define, measure, analyze, and improve quality with any TMS, at any scale:


Create and edit captions and subtitles in any language

Author, edit, and repurpose timed text files. Accurate positioning on the video grid. For TV, web, mobile delivery, in any language.


Easyling is a CMS independent website translation tool for LSPs, providing 1) word and repetition count for websites in just minutes, 2) content extraction to XLIFF with 1 click, 3) instant visual feedback showing how the translation fits into the original context and layout, and 4) White-labeled Translation Proxy. By removing all the IT frictions of website translation, Easyling helps LSP acquire and deliver website translation projects without bothering the customer for the content in files, or ask access to their CMSs.


You need to manage your time better before it's too late! ExactSpent allows you to see clear picture of all your tasks and time expenses. With ExactSpent you can find time thieves and time savers, you can see where your time goes.
ExactSpent is efficient time tracking software that enables you to calculate exact time you spent on particular job. You can track multiple jobs for multiple clients in a single place.
ExactSpent time tracking software enables you to create, start, pause and resume timers for multiple jobs easily using intuitive interface.

FineCount - Word Count Software

FineCount – a reliable aid for freelance translators, translation managers, and agencies – for professionals who issue quotations and invoices based upon document text analysis (i.e. characters, spaces, words, lines, pages, repetitions).


Consoltec made sure to establish a translation management system that is beneficial to our customers. Consoltec offers a translation management solution called FlowFit that facilitates and improves the management of your projects. The integration of FlowFit increases productivity and reliability within your company. 

FlowFit will help you improve productivity and reliability by automating many repetitive and tedious tasks.

Get Localization

Web-based platform for software, website and document translations. Optimized for continuous localization, easy project control and crowdsourcing.