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Browse through articles submitted by GALA's network of localization and translation leaders. These posts describe research and best practices for the growth of translation companies, the development of language professionals, and the use of localization technology. 

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Bridging the Gap in QT21: A Harmonized Approach to Quality Metrics

Attila Görög (TAUS), Arle Lommel (DFKI), and Hanz Uszkoreit (DFKI)

05 May 2015

Learn how the translation industry's two independent efforts to measure and standardize translation quality, the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF) and Multidimensional Quality Metrics (MQM), are being “harmonized” to form an industry-wide quality...

Letter from the Guest Editor: What Clients Want, What Clients Need

Andy Jones (Nikon Precision)

06 March 2015

When GALA asked me if I would guest edit this issue of GALAxy, I was happy to accept. Because I need help, I need it bad, and I also need it NOW. So I asked people from various areas of the GALA world to express the main factors they see challenging...

Denim or Jeans: An Ode to In-House Resources

Mai Ihara (Old Navy)

06 March 2015

Any translator can speak at length on the challenges of translating emails. But it’s no secret that all corporations have their own special language, with slight yet significant nuances that transform simple terms into a variable with unique...

Translation ABC: A Freelancer's Building Blocks

Miya Yokomori (Freelance)

06 March 2015

What do clients want? An accurate, high-quality translation for a reasonable price, quickly, perhaps. Miya Yokomori believes in an equilibrium, the sweet spot that works for both the client and the translator, which is attainable with efforts from...

The Client-Vendor Partnership: It Takes Two to Tango

Katrina Nabavi (Dell)

06 March 2015

While knee-deep in the daily demands of production and deadlines, it’s easy for both clients and vendors to overlook the key factors in a successful relationship: people and partnership.  Dell has one of the most centralized translation models in...

Agile Globalization: The Next Big Opportunity for the Localization Industry

Gerardo Laster (Citrix)

06 March 2015

The convergence of the cloud, big data, and mobile can open incredible new opportunities. Although the translation shops that refused to embrace the new paradigm have been replaced by the newcomers, all companies will need to look at the opportunity...

Corporate Needs, Requirements, and Best Practices for Machine Translation: An Overview

Bob Kuhns (Independent consultant)

06 March 2015

Growing localization needs are driving machine translation, but what are these needs? Once needs are realized, what are the requirements and best practices for successful MT deployment? Answering these questions solves only part of the problem—...

Pricing in the Translation-Memory Workflow

Mike Karpa (Freelance)

06 March 2015

Translation memory (TM) and machine translation (MT) continue to change the translation industry. Pricing is evolving, too, as clients, translators, and agencies offer and accept consideration for translation services. But what goes through the...

Oxpeckers, Water Buffalo, and the Great Translation Balancing Act

Dan Johnson (Wordbee)

06 March 2015

Caution: You have arrived at the intersection of business clichés, ‘win-win’ relationships, and what can go wrong. It’s time to ask yourself some difficult questions. Balance can be elusive and getting there is not always easy. Why is it important,...

An Enterprise and LSP Success Story: Delta Dental and Avantpage Case Study

Rocío Haskell (Delta Dental) and David Serra (Avantpage)

05 March 2015

Five years into a well-established client-vendor relationship, in autumn of 2013, Delta Dental and Avantpage realized a revised roadmap could take their collaboration in a new, positive direction. One year later, both organizations have seen their...