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Browse through articles submitted by GALA's network of localization and translation leaders. These posts describe research and best practices for the growth of translation companies, the development of language professionals, and the use of localization technology. 

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An Intro to Machine Translation: Understand When to Use MT and When to Avoid It

Calvin Scharffs (VP of Marketing)

10 May 2017

Machine translation (MT) is a perfectly acceptable translation alternative, but trouble often follows when there is a lack of understanding or unrealistic expectations. It’s time to explain MT—what it is, what it can and cannot do, and most...

The Impact of Sourcing Responsibly in the Language Industry

Claudia Mirza (CEO)

26 April 2017

Have you ever wondered where the items you use come from or how they were sourced?  After all, most of the items we use daily come from different parts of the world – from coffee grown in South America to cell phones manufactured in Asia. As we use...

The Language Industry in the Trump Administration

Bill Rivers (Executive Director)

11 April 2017

Having just returned from my sixth GALA Language of Business Conference in Amsterdam, I’ve had time to reflect on all of the conversations there with GALA members and attendees. One theme recurred: what does the Trump Administration mean for the...

Customer Loyalty: A Traditional Solution to a Modern Anxiety

Roman Zelenka (CEO)

13 March 2017

What is it exactly that drives our businesses forward? As we endeavor to maximize the value of our products and services, what tools can we leverage to distinguish ourselves from the competition? Some use increasingly sophisticated tools designed to...

Trait Trees for LSP Project Managers - Rising Star Winner

Sijing Yu, Master’s in Translation and Localization Management (MIIS)

07 March 2017

As part of the 2017 GALA Rising Star Contest, students across the world were asked to answer this question: "It's not just about language...

10 Traits of Successful Language Industry Professionals - Rising Star Winner

Marion Hernandez, Master's in Translation Studies (University of Geneva)

07 March 2017

As part of the 2017 GALA Rising Star Contest, students across the world were asked to answer this question: "It's not just about language...

Advocating for Language Businesses and the Next Generation of Linguistic Talent

Laura Brandon (Executive Director)

22 February 2017

While the political turns in Washington D.C. feel anything but routine this year, the U.S. language advocacy group JNCL-NCLIS has stayed on target identifying important U.S. legislation and...

What Makes a Localization Good? Russian vs. Chinese Gamers

Yulia Molostova (Localization Project Manager)

14 February 2017

It all began about two years ago when we launched our first survey of Russian gamers. We developed the survey in order to pinpoint which localization issues should be tackled first. Over the course of our research some game developers have also...

International Search Engine Optimization Workshop in Amsterdam: Help Clients Reach Their Customers

Chris Raulf (Boulder SEO Marketing)

01 February 2017

I had the pleasure of presenting a Master Class on International Search Engine Optimization (ISEO) at last year...

Best of 2016: GALA's Top Localization and Translation Content

24 January 2017

From APIs to Brexit to post-editing, GALA content in 2016 covered numerous translation and localization topics, trends, and events. Authors from around the world and from a diversity of companies submitted new ideas and fresh perspectives for you to...