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Browse through articles submitted by GALA's network of localization and translation leaders. These posts describe research and best practices for the growth of translation companies, the development of language professionals, and the use of localization technology. 

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Multilingual Digital Marketing and International SEO

Tea Dietterich (CEO)

10 October 2017

A few years ago a roof scratching bush turkey drove us nearly insane in the office. We contemplated all kinds of adventurous ways to get rid of him including throwing him onto the barbie. But as an Australian endemic animal he was protected, so I...

Language Technology has always been AI

Andrew Joscelyne (Senior Advisor)

27 September 2017

LT-Innovate, the business association for the language technology (LT) industry, is holding its annual Language Technology Industry Summit...

Why Invest in a Translation Management System?

Calvin Scharffs (VP of Marketing)

20 September 2017

If you want to upgrade your existing translation management system (TMS) or are a first-time translation technology buyer, you’ll need to...

Research Finds that Women Excel in Localization Positions

Arle Lommel (Senior Analyst)

16 August 2017

It was the memo heard around the world, the one that led Google’s CEO to cut short his vacation to deal with a firestorm of...

Globalization, the Alter Ego of Localization

Miguel Sepulveda (Global Localization Manager)

02 August 2017

As a small kid, there was a toy that I remember with deep affection: a matryoshka. I was fascinated that I could hide more matryoshkas inside! I saw a matryoshka for the very first time not in Russia, as we might expect, but in Valencia, the paella...

Translating Trump

Jennifer Murphy (Director of Marketing)

18 July 2017

At Eriksen, we’re used to receiving out-of-the-box requests from our interpreting clients, but we were still intrigued when the phone rang one afternoon and The Daily Show was on the line. A producer from the program was looking for interpreters to...

6 Rules to Launch a Successful Global Campaign

Chris Scott (Business Director)

21 June 2017

Putting together a global campaign can be daunting. Being responsible for an effective campaign for markets which may be outside of your expertise and experience puts real pressure on marketing teams and agency relationships. However, if you take...

Localization Sales and Marketing Tips: 7 Must-See Videos

GALA Resources

12 June 2017

Over the years GALA has amassed dozens of webinars and conference presentations about sales and marketing that are valuable for business, professional, and...

Comparing Errors: Neural MT vs. Traditional Phrase-based and Rule-based MT

Aljoscha Burchardt (Lab Manager)

07 June 2017

Machine translation systems come in two different flavors. The first class of systems – rule-based machine translation (“RbMT”) – is based on hand-written rules and vocabulary lists. These systems emerged in the 1940s, became somewhat popular in the...

Marketing Automation: Usage and Tactics for Language Agencies of All Sizes

Konstantin Dranch (Consultant)

25 May 2017

Traditionally translation agencies aren’t big on marketing. Many feel it is easier to find business via personal contacts and recommendations than to build and maintain a lead-generating website. Most language service providers (LSPs) don’t even...