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Browse through articles submitted by GALA's network of localization and translation leaders. These posts describe research and best practices for the growth of translation companies, the development of language professionals, and the use of localization technology. 

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New Media and Translation: Technical Challenges, Theoretical Solutions and Opportunities in Social-Media-Based Journalism and the Democratization of Information - Rising Star Winner

Ana Lucía López Mendoza

27 February 2018

As part of the GALA Rising Star 2018 Scholarship Contest, students across the world were asked to answer this question: "What impact does new media (such as video localization, eLearning, etc.) have on translation tasks and methods?...

Choosing the Best International Domain Structure

Thomas Lespes-Munoz (Digital Marketing Officer)

15 February 2018

When it comes to domain structure for foreign website versions, there is a lot of debate on which domain structure is best to choose. The international domain structure will have an impact on brand image, website experience, level of localisation...

Adding a New Language to Your Website. Can it be as Easy as a Click of a Button?

Alessandra Binazzi

31 January 2018

Organizations can decide to add a new language to their site for several reasons. Most commonly this decision is based on real opportunities and potential in new markets, but it can also be driven by acquisitions, the need to level with the...

Diversification: Risks Outweighed by Opportunities

Tanja Wendling (Head of Marketing)

17 January 2018

The language services market is constantly moving, and competitive pressure is on the rise. Businesses need to react to changing customer needs and continually adapt their product offering to changing market conditions. By pursuing different growth...

Best of 2017: GALA's Top Localization and Translation Content

16 January 2018

Below is a chronological list of the 10 most popular articles and the 10 most popular blogs published on the GALA website in 2017. The content covered solutions to business problems, proposed innovative approaches, and critically reviewed industry...

The Importance of Being a Responsible Language Services Vendor

Russell Goldsmith

10 January 2018

Companies with a higher purpose, beyond making a profit, tend to make more money!  Simon Caulkin reports in the Financial Times about a survey by a combined team from Harvard Business Review Analytics and the professional services firm EY Beacon...

Report: Reviving the Nearly Lost Art of Whistled Language in Greece

Dimitra Hengen (CEO)

27 December 2017

It is not every day that you hear a story about a language services company working to preserve an endangered language. This past summer, Dimitra Hengen, CEO of Alpha Omega Translations...

Is Marketing Translation Dead?

Kåre Lindahl (CEO)

06 December 2017

Advances in technology and automation over the last 20 years have enabled businesses to take great leaps forwards in terms of translation efficiency. Increased sophistication has also fundamentally altered how translations are completed and priced,...

What We Learned at 12 Events in 7 Weeks

Allison Ferch (Programs Director)

15 November 2017

For the GALA team, autumn in the Northern Hemisphere means events—lots of events. Our involvement ranges from light promotional support to hosting exhibit stands to making presentations and even developing a full track of content. The events are...

Just Enough Cooks in the Kitchen: The Benefits of Centralizing Translation

Elżbieta Pętlicka (Account Manager)

20 October 2017

Creating good translations is a collaborative effort. But sometimes, translation networks in large businesses or multiple departments can get too large for their own good, leading to confusion, unnecessary expense, and worst of all, errors in the...