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Browse through articles submitted by GALA's network of localization and translation leaders. These posts describe research and best practices for the growth of translation companies, the development of language professionals, and the use of localization technology. 

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How to Create a Localization Department in a Gaming Company

Denis Khamin

24 March 2020

If localization is a pain in the neck, you're not sure who you can ask to "just do the **** translation," deadlines are always missed, and quality is a lost cause, this article is for you. If you've read books on HR, chances are they've recommended...

Machine Translation: Top or Flop? The Results of an Itl Survey

Carina Mayr

14 January 2020

What do companies’ employees think about machine translation (MT)? What do they think are its main benefits? And what are its risks? The...

A Once and Future Alphabet - Part Two

Tim Brookes

12 December 2019

It’s hard to know exactly how many people today speak one or more of the Amazigh family of languages, but the publishing company Editions Amazigh estimates 17 million in Morocco, 10 million in Algeria, 4 million in the Mali/Burkina Faso/Niger region...

Localizing Video Content - What You Need To Know

Al Black

03 December 2019

Video is everywhere, but the process of localizing video content is not always easily understood by project and creative teams. In this article, Voquent’ s production director Al Black explores in detail what’s involved and includes practical advice...

A Once and Future Alphabet - Part One

Tim Brookes

31 October 2019

Some of the most extraordinary writing in the world can be seen on the wall of a cave deep in the Sahara Desert. The site is called the Wadi Matkhandouch Prehistoric Art Gallery, near Germa in Libya. It’s startling to find any evidence of human...

Translating Idioms: An Impossible Task?

Rebecca Twose

17 September 2019

Translation is more than simply transferring text from one language to another. Translators have to create a document that flows correctly in the target language, but...

Localisation Project Manager: At the Heart of the LSP Experience

Thomas Lespes-Munoz

30 July 2019

Localisation project managers (PMs) are an essential component of any successful language service providers (LSPs), because of their unique position between suppliers and clients. Their influence over projects and customer experience goes far more...

Globalization, Localization, and Endangered Alphabets: How the Language Industry is Poised to Change the World

Tim Brookes

21 June 2019

We—and by “we” I mean everyone, but especially those working in the language industry--are at an amazing point in history. Ten years ago, when I began the Endangered Alphabets Project, it was routine for academics and bureaucrats to talk in terms of...

Will Localization Be the Key to Delivering True Hyper-Personalization in eCommerce?

Pauline Farris

04 June 2019

Hyper-personalization.   This has been a hot topic among marketers in recent years.   Some call it a strategic innovation, others see it as a new, logical strategy to meet growing customer demands, while others still think of it as just another...

A Question of Communication? Translating Expectations Between Industry and Higher Education

Estefanía Muñoz Gómez

13 May 2019

Events like GALA Munich 2019 provide a successful platform for industry members to get together and discuss current and future trends in the sector. With AI as its main theme, GALA’s last conference featured a range of insightful presentations on...