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From Ycomm to Yamagata

Yamagata Europe

Friday, 16 December, 2005

Ycomm Europe, a daughter company of Japanese printing group Yamagata Corporation, proudly announces its new name, Yamagata Europe. The change of name, which brings various sister companies in Europe, South-East Asia, China and the United States under a single banner, corresponds, not coincidentally, with the hundredth anniversary of the Japanese mother company.

Ycomm Europe was established in 1998 by Geert Benoit. During the past four years the company has undergone tremendous expansion during which the number of employees has risen from four to twenty two. Yamagata Europe has grown to become a professional and mature player in the European documentation market that offers its clients from various sectors integrated solutions to their printing and translation needs.

The "Print & Supply" business unit arranges the output and logistics for user manuals, brochures and stickers. The devoted project managers provide important added value through their considerable experience with complex supply chains, satisfying extremely high quality requirements and providing on-demand services such as distributed print in Eastern Europe and China. In 2003, Ycomm Europe was awarded the Sony Green Partner certificate in recognition of its system for total traceability of goods and materials.

The translation department has experienced the most growth and includes not only experienced, client-oriented project managers but also technically-oriented computational linguists and specialised desktop publishers. Together they ensure that every translation is subjected to the strongest quality controls, that the translation processes are efficient and fully optimised, and that the translation memories and terminology databases are well managed. Yamagata Europe is also the developer and distributor of QA Distiller, a software application that makes it possible to carry out automated quality controls of translations and translation memories.

Yamagata Europe is a proactive company that does not wait for problems to force it to develop solutions. It strives continuously for improvement in its workflows and development of new concepts.

Please visit our brand new website, www.yamagata-europe.com or contact Nathalie De Sutter ([email protected]) for further details.