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Yamagata Europe releases version 6.0 of QA Distiller

Yamagata Europe

Monday, 14 May, 2007

New release of QA DistillerTM

Yamagata Europe proudly announces the release of QA Distiller TM 6.0. The new version introduces a built-in TMX editor and several new checks. Any translation memory exported in TMX format can now be edited directly in the QA Distiller interface. New features include a source language inconsistency check and an enhanced brackets and quotation marks check. Furthermore, the regular expressions module has been expanded so that generically formulated strings in source and target text can be compared and checked for consistency automatically.

Don't hesitate to download the latest version of QA Distiller at www.qa-distiller.com and try out the new functionalities!

About QA Distiller
QA Distiller is a software application that makes it possible to automatically detect formal errors in translations and translation memories, and enables their quick and easy correction. The traceable error categories include omissions, inconsistencies, formatting problems, and terminology errors. QA Distiller is able to batch process files and supports language dependent settings. In software comparison tests QA Distiller has been repeatedly chosen as the best performing quality assurance tool.

QA Distiller can be seamlessly integrated in the traditional localisation process, providing a reliable, objective and consistent way of analysing and evaluating translation quality. Implementing automated quality control results in significant cost reductions for language service providers and end customers. Because translations are stripped of formal mistakes early in the process, proofreaders spend less time revising translations, editors insert fewer corrections in the documents, language engineers save time implementing the updates in the translation memories, and project managers don't lose time communicating feedback to all parties involved. QA Distiller offers a dream solution for companies who believe in translation quality as an indispensable factor for ensuring flawless communication in the global marketplace.

About Yamagata Europe
Yamagata Europe combines the linguistic expertise of a European documentation service provider with the Japanese obsession for unparalleled quality. With the development of QA Distiller, it leads the localisation industry to the next stage in the perception of translation quality, offering a successful solution to automate and objectify the efforts involved in checking technical translations.

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