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XTRF1.7 version is now available

XTRF Translation Management Systems

Thursday, 23 April, 2009

The latest version of the XTRF™ Translation Management Systems is now available for sale. It has over 60 innovative features and solutions, as well as new security and localisation options.

The latest XTRF™1.7 has many new features which will improve your company operations, especially in the areas of project management and coordination as well as cooperation with contractors and subcontractors.

The most important features of XTRF™1.7 include:
• compatibility with Salesforce.com, the largest worldwide platform offering professional CRM business solutions
• new translation appraisal templates in line with LISA standards, which enable effective evaluation of accuracy, coherence, technical vocabulary and style

XTRF™1.7 also enables improved, more efficient cooperation with translation providers. Through the Partner Zone they can now independently generate settlements for completed work, which means faster and more effective project completion and invoicing. Project Managers can also organise mini-auctions by sending purchase orders to multiple translators. Projects are instantly accepted by translators using active links and managers receive automatic confirmations from providers able to complete assignments.

The security system in the XTRF™1.7 version has been enhanced with new features including: password hack blockade, restricted number of authorized IP addresses, etc. Localisation in version 1.7 has been extended – Lithuanian is now available as a new interface language; email and other templates are available in all XTRF™ languages.

Andrzej Nedoma, XTRF™ Managing Director says: "We began working on the XTRF™1.7 almost five months ago. I believe it is the version with the greatest number of innovations. Some of the changes we introduced are minor, but they make a big difference in terms of efficiency for project managers and company directors. By speeding up certain tasks and activities, XTRF™ can save a huge amount of company time. XTRF™1.7 is also included in our special spring offer, which undoubtedly is a great advantage.’