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E.g., 04/03/2020

XTRF presents its new system layout

XTRF Translation Management Systems

Friday, 23 May, 2014

XTRF rolls out a new system version called XTRF 2014 Spring. New version includes a stunning, fresh interface and extremely user-friendly Vendor Portal. XTRF is a comprehensive and user-focused platform for project and business process management dedicated to translation companies and corporate language departments.

Fresh User Interface

After months of hard work, we can finally present the redesigned XTRF user interface. With a new sidebar and great looking layout, the spring version makes the work much more enjoyable and smoother. Being a more intuitive and user-focused system also means less time spent on implementation and trainings so users can benefit from XTRF almost immediately after installation.

Brand-new Vendor Portal

Last month’s we launched a new Vendor Sign up Form and Job Manager. Now, we can finally present a completely new, revamped Vendor Portal. This easy-to-use, simple, and nice looking portal facilitates collaboration between companies and translators.

Details are the essence

The list of spring developments has more than 50 points. Among them, XTRF users can now enjoy opportunities and reporting improvements, enriched QuickBooks integration, redesigned email template editor and other changes.

To learn more about new version visit www.xtrf.eu or join a webinar.