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XTRF available as Software as a Service

XTRF Translation Management Systems

Thursday, 15 January, 2009

Since early 2009 a new version of the Translation Company Management System XTRF™ has been available to customers as Software as a Service (SaaS). This means customers can now simply pay a monthly fee, with no licence fees. Customers can minimize the costs of using and implementing the system. Responsibility for system management and hosting resides with the provider.

This service is aimed at small and medium size companies, which would like to avoid having to install the system on their own servers and avoid any licence costs. Licence costs and installation of the system on their own servers. SaaS – a solution which enables translation agencies to cut the costs of using the programme – is our response to the financial crisis.

In order to use the system, you simply need to subscribe to it. This also means that your company can save money which would otherwise be spent paying the staff administering the system as well as purchasing software upgrades. Server management, data backup and system updates and upgrades are all carried out by the XTRF™ team.

The system can be accessed via Internet browser with a user-specific login. Any data transferred from and onto the system are coded using the safe https protocol commonly used in Internet banking.  XTRF™ is installed on the server on the Amazon platform (a company known for its online retail of books, CDs and DVDs). This solution offers our customers a full protection of data, uninterrupted access to the server through the Internet, stability and reliability of the system, and, as a result, greater efficiency and scalability of the software.

The monthly cost of using XTRF™ in the SaaS option is 59 EUR, plus the cost of hosting the server. The overall cost includes: using the system, technical support, management and software updates.