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E.g., 03/29/2020

XTRF 2013 Autumn released

XTRF Translation Management Systems

Thursday, 14 November, 2013

XTRF Management Systems Ltd releases a new version of its core product: XTRF 2013 Autumn. New nomenclature referring to the release date (year and season) has been used to simplify the recognition of the currently available system version. With features such as a new vendor registration form, project reviews in the client portal, MemSource integration and a sales opportunities management, XTRF 2013 Autumn reduces time-to-market reaction and provide added value in the sales and marketing processes.


Higher competitiveness and a faster response to market demands are the core management platform characteristics. XTRF Autumn 2013 contains new features that respond to these needs. Integration with MemSource, the popular CAT tool helps translation companies and corporate localization departments manage projects and translation memories in one seamless workflow, without having to switch between systems. In addition, a newly-launched XTRF client portal review function serves as an excellent point of sale for today’s demanding market. 


Rapidly growing markets are also pushing localization departments and companies to broaden their databases for vendors of various languages and services. A new Provider Registration Form with a fresh user-friendly layout and a more intuitive navigation form simplifies the provider opt-in process and streamlines vendor management performance. 


The new XTRF version also supports another high-priority area of ​​business operation: sales management. The built-in CRM module includes a program to create and manage upcoming sales opportunities, and project outgrowth over selected time periods. This feature is a step towards providing a complete sales management business tool inside XTRF.