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E.g., 04/02/2020

XTRF 2.0 released !

XTRF Translation Management Systems

Wednesday, 19 May, 2010

The latest, revolutionary version of the translation company management system - XTRF™ 2.0 – enters the market. The system comprises new technology and a new layout, as well as a completely new approach to the organisation of translation companies’ work.


The intention of the authors of XTRF™ was to create a software that would not only coordinate and facilitate everyday work, but, above all, would also make it possible for a company to develop in an unrestricted way in order to interact with other technological tools and make it possible for translation offices to realise larger and more complicated projects.


In fact, XTRF™ 2.0 was basically created anew – in the JBoss Seam Framework technology. The selected solution guarantees not only a high level of security, scalability, and effectiveness, but, above all, it significantly facilitates  further development of the system, in turn minimising the time necessary to create additional functions. More than a hundred new components, in accordance with AJAX, make the system even more intuitive and easy to use and enable its adjustment to the individual preferences of the most demanding users.


The most important changes in the system concern its three main areas:

  1. Communication with partners – integration with technology. The technology applied in the system enables the fast integration of the XTRF™ system with additional tools that are used in translation companies: accounting systems, CMS, CAT tools, and CRM. As a consequence, each company may, in an unlimited way, develop their services, and thereby service even the most demanding customers in a more effective and competent way.

  2. Flexibility towards market challenges. XTRF™ 2.0 enables an efficient realisation of simple as well as more complicated and multi-stage translation projects. Projects comprising a few hundred files or projects that continue for a long period or demand the involvement of many subcontractors are arranged in a clear way and managed by a new panel - Project Manager Dashboard. Smaller, recurring projects can in turn be opened very quickly owing to the embedded project templates and automatic project procedures (workflow).

  3. Comfort in everyday work. XTRF™ 2.0 also introduces a new, more user-friendly interface, new Project Manager Dashboard functions, and the possibility to define various data views. The programme, in an efficient and intuitive way, organises the files and e-mail correspondence related to a particular project, customer, or subcontractor. It makes particular stages of the project appear automatically, guarantees effective information exchange between the departments of a company, and enables one to define and create various reports and analyses.


In May, XTRF™ will start a cycle of webinars, during which successive areas of the application of the system will be presented, such as: project management, company analysis when taking business decisions, estimation of the profitability of the co-operation with clients, financial analysis, ISO 9001 certification, etc