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E.g., 04/01/2020

XTRF™ releases version 2.7

XTRF Translation Management Systems

Tuesday, 14 August, 2012

The official premiere of the new XTRF™ release took place on 14 August. Version 2.7 has been updated with several significant features, and some minor improvements.


The Function Customer Feedback Survey allows for the easy and efficient gathering of information on the customer satisfaction level. An editable survey can be sent to the customer through the partner zone. After completion, surveys are automatically saved and available in the system.


XTRF™ 2.7 also delivers even faster project management, thanks to automatic quotes conversion. The project manager creates a quote and sends it to the customer in the partner zone or as a link in an e-mail. The client accepts the quote with just one click, and XTRF™ automatically creates a project and starts a workflow based on the data defined in the quotation.


Thanks to the provider productivity indicator, and the newly improved availability requests, XTRF 2.7 provides more efficient management of the providers’ capacities. The new XTRF™ version also includes its integration with XTM Cloud and CAT tools profit reports.


To learn more about XTRF 2.7, please visit our website.