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XTRFâ„¢ - version 2.1

XTRF Translation Management Systems

Thursday, 10 February, 2011

In May 2010, XTRF™ introduced a restructured and graphically revived version 2.0. Today version 2.1 is entering the market, complemented by new functions and features. Among other things, the latest version of the system offers: the ability to create e-mail templates, the ability to contact contractors via instant messengers and social networks, and self-defining search filters and payment methods.

XTRF™2.1 is a system solution that is especially made for translation companies and translation departments. The design team decided to introduce, first of all, the features and improvements that have been the most awaited by users, and secondly the functions that follow the latest market trends.

The new features of version 2.1 include:

  1. Creating individual e-mail templates: The module to manage relations with contractors was supplemented by an option enabling the creation of one’s own correspondence schemes (i.e. ,e-mails that are used the most often in everyday work). From now on, each user can design an e-mail on marketing information, tender for contractors, searching for project offers, or on any other topic. The e-mails are stored in the system, and may be accessed at any time without the necessity to rewrite the same content a number of times.
  2. Integration with the webpage: A project quote form, which can be embedded in the company webpage, has been added. From now on, the clients can ask for a quote without needing to log into the system. Information included in the form will be sent directly to XTRF™ and to a person responsible for preparing the offer.
  3. Report creator: Each user can now prepare individual financial and statistical report models, select their own preferred quantitative, numerical or percentage analysis criteria, and save the reports in the system.
  4. Multiple changes in databases: It takes only a few seconds now to make changes in the Client’s and Provider’s profiles. The system enables the user to simultaneously introduce changes in the profiles of several, or even more than ten, business partners.
  5. Contacting the contractors via social networks: In the Client and Provider Profiles, a popular form of contact was enabled – profiles in forums and social networks (Proz, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.). Each contact tab, apart from the standard data, contains the information on the preferred messengers and a link to a personal account in any selected social network service.
  6. Extended file statistics: A possibility to carry out the Char/Word/Page Count in the files imported to the system was added to the “workflow” module. From now on, as a result of the preliminary assessment of the size of the project, a Project Manager can calculate the project deadline and select the appropriate subcontractors.


Apart from the above, XTRF™ 2.1 offers a wide scope of features enabling even more efficient generation of reports and accounts, searching through information on contractors and projects, and communication with business partners. Version 2.1, above all, makes it possible to define a number of settings and views on one’s own, thanks to which the system can be easily adapted to the needs and habits of individual employees.