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E.g., 08/09/2020

XTM Cloud 12.4

Simple, AI-powered and user friendly

XTM International

Tuesday, 14 July, 2020

XTM International is pleased to announce the release of XTM Cloud 12.4, the enterprise leading Translation Management System (TMS) with built-in Computer Assisted Tool (CAT). This release rolls out groundbreaking features and enhancements aimed at simplifying interaction and user experience, we have called it the “Powerful Simplicity” release. Users will find functionality they asked for, namely Computer Aided Review (CAR) technology, Vector Space based developments including AI-driven Bilingual Terminology Extraction, versatile and customizable docked panels, and brand-new integration with Iconic’s Machine Translation. Other noteworthy innovations include improved metric reporting for continuous projects, intelligent support for DITA and Excel files and enhanced connectivity.


“Our 12.4 release is a significant version update. Inspired by the feedback coming from translators and reviewers, we have enabled Computer Aided Review (CAR) functionality, and given XTM Workbench a more flexible design, all of these make translation and review more productive and a better user experience. Terminologists will like our unique bilingual terminology extraction feature, which pulls out key terms in over 50 languages using very smart AI, there are also some great updates to our integrations,” comments Sara Basile, Product Manager at XTM International.


Read a summary of the new features and improvements in XTM Cloud 12.4 below.


  • Computer Aided Review (CAR) 

How user friendly can XTM Workbench really get when speaking of users with no linguistic background? The answer is Computer Aided Review (CAR) technology that delivers a simplified workbench environment ideal for subject matter reviewers. This way, they have just the information they need, to complete tasks.

  • Vector Space - AI based NLP technology 

XTM Cloud v12.4 introduces Vector Space which estimates the probability of a given source language word or phrase being the equivalent of a target language word or phrase. Built for over 250 language pairs, Vector Space will enable XTM to develop natural language processing (NLP) AI functionality which assists and automates language processing activity.


  • AI-driven Bilingual Terminology Extraction for terminology building

Building glossaries of critical terms and phrases using existing translations can be a slow and inefficient process. Automating the process of extracting key bilingual terms during the alignment process decreases the time and costs needed to produce a glossary. The use of Big Data and Vector Space technology guarantees high levels of accuracy (up to 90%).


  • Customizable and productive workspace with the new drag and drop option

The new release allows users to resize and rearrange tabs, placing them where they want in the translation Workbench.


  • Integration - Iconic MT joins XTM Cloud 

The new integration with Iconic’s best-class Neural Machine Translation (NMT) allows XTM users to apply this option for their machine translation workflow.
Enhancements have also been made to the Systran MT integration, users have access to all MT matching options. Translating DITA and multilingual Excel files has been simplified by additional features to these integrations.

  • Improved reporting for continuous localization projects

Stakeholders who run continuous delivery projects need clear and transparent metric reporting. This is vital for smooth collaboration between companies and their vendors. Version 12.4 enables project managers to download a comprehensive report with the history of all metrics generated during the project. As a result, project managers are better equipped to estimate project costs and turnaround times.


  • New API methods for intelligent automation

XTM users will find more automation and efficiency with enhanced REST API methods. Further granular information can be transferred, such as manual time tracking values (job, target language, file, step and bundle levels) and the last modification date (project, target language, and workflow step levels), without accessing the user interface. More REST API methods will be available in future releases.


If you wish to learn more about the Powerful Simplicity release, please visit XTM Blog. You can also contact XTM marketing team via email [email protected] for further information.


About XTM International

XTM International develops XTM, the world’s leading cloud-based translation management solution (TMS) with an integrated computer-aided translation (CAT) and Computer Aided Review (CAR) tools. It is designed to be scalable, flexible and agile, with industry open standards at its core. 

Focused on streamlining complex localization processes and supply chains, XTM centralizes TM assets for real-time collaboration, maximizing translation reuse. The system incorporates in-context WYSIWYG reviews, LQA tests, alternative translations for transcreation, a mobile app for project managers and a REST API with off-the-shelf connectors for most CMSs. 

XTM’s customers include many of the world’s leading enterprises in a variety of industries as well as some of the most innovative LSP’s. More information is available at the XTM website.