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Xplanation and Swedish Fototext sign a strategic partnership deal


Tuesday, 17 May, 2011

The printing company Fototext in Gothenburg and the translation agency Xplanation in Varberg enter into a strategic agreement offering translation services and production solutions for visual communication.


”Our clients include many world-leading Swedish companies, and they are doing very well at the moment,” says Paul Olovsson, who is a partner at Fototext. "In Xplanation, we have found a partner that can help our clients to expand their business in new markets around the world.” 


Fototext is going through an expansive phase with a strong demand for advanced printing services such as acoustic printing and large format production. According to Paul, the plan behind the partnership is to enable each company to focus on their core operations and do what they are best at: "The partnership with Xplanation enables Fototext to establish itself in Europe, while at the same time offering our clients global translation services.”


Both Fototext and Xplanation are certified according to the European quality standard EN 15038, the translation sector’s equivalent to an ISO standard.


Anna-Karin Josefson is Branch Manager for Xplanation’s Swedish branch in Varberg:
"I am convinced that Fototext’s translation clients will feel right at home with Xplanation,” says Anna-Karin. "We operate in line with the same standard and offer the same high quality. I also believe that they will benefit from our technical solutions.”


Xplanation supplies translation process control via Tstream®, a web-based translation management system, which integrates all steps, from quotation management and ordering to invoicing and feedback. Tstream also includes advanced tools for the creation and management of terminology and translation memories.


”It also feels great to be able to offer our customers printing services from Fototext,” says Anna-Karin. “They provide a user-friendly customer portal for printing services similar to our own translation management portal.”


Fototext - Innovative production solutions for visual communication
Fototext opened its doors in 1960 and was one of the first photosetting companies in Sweden. At that time, the photosetting technology used was totally unique.
Being at the vanguard of technology and know-how has been a characteristic feature of our approach from the beginning and we now produce visual communication using the most sophisticated technology on the market. Our technical expertise, combined with innovative product solutions, means that we work as a one-stop partner for our clients.



Mr Paul Olovsson

Fototext AB

Norra Allégatan 5, Box 7045, S-402 31 Göteborg, Sweden

Tel.: +46 (0)31 701 64 14

E-mail: [email protected]



Xplanation is a leading provider of professional translation solutions in the technical, medical, energy, banking, financial, government and public administration domains. Xplanation currently employs over 65 industry experts and is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, with operational branches in Denmark, France, Sweden and Switzerland.
Xplanation has a worldwide network of 1,500 translation partners and is certified according to the EN 15038 quality standard, ensuring consistency and traceability.



Ms Anna-Karin Josefson

Xplanation Sweden

Norrgatan 16, S-432 41 Varberg, Sweden

Tel.: +46 (0)340 839 50

E-mail: [email protected]