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Xillio welcomes first Localization Hub client – Accu Solutions

Xillio BV

Tuesday, 9 April, 2019

Amsterdam, April 9, 2019 - Xillio, provider of content migration and integration software, is happy to announce that Accu Solutions, an innovative and leading-edge provider of translation and localization services, has become the first customer of Xillio’s just-released Localization Hub. Localization Hub enables Accu Solutions to be more efficient by automating translation workflows. A seamless workflow will save their customers time as this makes it easier for them to submit new content for translation. “We’re thrilled to be the first LocHub customer,” said Steve Desmeules, CEO at Accu Solutions. “In the rapidly changing language services market, the need to innovate and differentiate yourself from your peers is extremely important. Focusing on making it as easy as possible for our customers to transact with us is a priority. This includes integrating our workflow with theirs. This is where Localization Hub comes in. The application not only enable us to connect directly to our customers, but also helps in automating workflows internally in between several systems that we use.” Localization Hub will eventually replace all custom connectors between content source systems and translation tools that Accu Solutions currently has in place. Looking at all the existing connectors within the Hub, it became clear to Accu Solutions that they should not build these connectors themselves. Instead, the company will continue to focus on their core business and will trust Xillio to fill in the connectivity gap for them. “Accu Solutions is a leading provider of turnkey publication management solutions, and we’re honored to have signed them as a customer,” said Founder and CEO of Xillio, Rikkert Engels. “We’re finding that many organizations in this industry are interested in purchasing a specialized and cost-effective solution to scale up operations or enhance their workflows. I’m positive that more new clients will sign up soon and will put the LocHub into use.” Localization Hub was launched at the end of March at the Gala Global conference in Munich. It is a user-friendly and intuitive application that enables seamless integration between all content source systems and translation technologies. This new application helps LSPs, language departments and technology organizations to streamline translation processes and gain a competitive advantage in the industry. Localization Hub currently supports 22 content source systems and integrates with the main translation management tools. More information about the Localization Hub can be found on https://www.lochub.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Accu Solutions Accu Solution Services Limited has over 40 years’ experience in technical documentation management and localization. The company’s structured project management methodologies allow it to provide a turnkey publication management solution, coordinating the activities of Technical Writers, Illustrators, Software Engineers, Translators, Editors, Subject Matter Experts and Desktop Publishers. Accu Solutions uses proprietary technology in managing various levels of project complexities to suit clients’ authoring, publication and technical translation needs. More information can be found at www.accusolutionservices.com. About Xillio Xillio is a leading global provider of content migration and integration software for digital transformation. The company provides innovative technology and services that help organizations get the best value out of their content, regardless of where it is stored. From its headquarters near Amsterdam, Xillio delivers its content connectivity solutions around the world through a network of software vendors, system integrators and specialized local implementation companies. More information can be found at www.xillio.com. Please contact us for more information: Steve Desmeules, CEO Accu Solution Services Limited +1 905-320-7373 [email protected] Purdey Horbach, Content Marketeer Xillio +31 6 46 43 49 39 [email protected]