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Work Placements in the Language Industry: ELIA, EUATC and GALA Join Forces

ELIA, EUATC and GALA Join Forces

Monday, 16 September, 2013

ELIA, EUATC and GALA Join Forces


In an effort to promote employability and professionalism in the language industry, three of the industry's largest corporate trade associations, ELIA, EAUTC and GALA have joined forces to connect companies in the language industry with the workforce of the future via the European Master's in Translation Network (EMT).


The EMT is a partnership project between the European Commission and higher education institutions offering master's level translation programmes. It aims to set standards for relevant translation education, thereby meeting an increased demand for multilingual services on all levels that require a wider and more dynamic set of translation skills than what is often perceived by the general public. In order to improve students' employability as well as their knowledge of the professional language service industry, the EMT encourages master's students to absolve work placements with translation companies all over Europe.


Françoise Bajon, President of ELIA, is enthusiastic about the project and the possibility to bring together universities and ELIA member companies. "This project will enhance students' practical education prior to graduation and ELIA is happy to be a part of this development," says Bojon.


ELIA, EUATC and GALA will help EMT students gain real-world experience by offering work placements for translation and other language industry jobs with their member companies.


"Practical work experience is critical to entry-level professionals in the language industry, and GALA is pleased to help EMT students gain that experience in the ranks of its member companies," says Hans Fenstermacher, CEO of GALA. "These work placements will provide a solid footing for university graduates as they start their language careers."


The associations offer a platform for language service providers (ranging from small- and medium-sized businesses to global enterprises) to promote work placements, expand the pool of available positions within the language industry to students at qualified education institutions across Europe, and develop guidelines and tools for the preparation of work placements. This initiative is complementary to the AGORA project on cross-border placements of the EMT Network: http://www.academic-projects.eu/agora.


Mirko Silvestrini, President of EUATC, hopes that by wholeheartedly supporting this project, EUATC will contribute to many students finding employment within the national associations of translation companies belonging to EUATC. "We are proud to act with EMT to facilitate the creation of work placement schemes for students of EMT universities," says Silvestrini.


In a memorandum of understanding signed by all three associations, guidelines for good practice with regards to the duration and execution of the work placements have been established. The associations have committed to the project for a minimum of three years.


For more information, please visit the website http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/translation/programmes/languageindustry/platform/work_placements_en.htm


About ELIA

ELIA is a European association of LSPs, helping members develop their businesses and networks.



The EUATC is an umbrella organization for national associations of European translation companies.


About GALA

GALA is the world's largest association for the language industry with 360 members in 60 countries.