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Wordbee, a Translation Technology company shows huge growth with seven hires in first quarter of 2016

Wordbee S.A.

Sunday, 22 May, 2016

Wordbee is proud to announce several new hires, with the aim to accelerate and improve our Wordbee Translator Platform, manage our User Community and provide Consulting and Pre-sales services.

The latest hiring surge at Wordbee comes after a year of strong growth to its Wordbee Translator client base, as well as demand for the Wordbee Beebox on an international scale.

“We’re on a fast track for growth here in 2016, and we don’t see us slowing down anytime soon.” said the co-founders of the company, José Vega and Stephan Böhmig.

Recently joining Wordbee are:

In the position of Chief Architect Officer, Cedric Pons drives the implementation of the next generation of Wordbee Translator. Cedric combines management qualities and outstanding tech competence. Discover exciting new product features and a new work experience this year.

Mikaël Held joined the team as Senior Developer. Known as the “Swiss knife” he speaks Typescript, Javascript, CSS, Less and other “exotics” at least as fluent as his native French.

Thierry Hund joined the team as Developer. His main focus is enhancing workflow and project management functionality. He has always good ideas and understands end users.

Loïc Percetti joined the team as Developer. Notorious for grasping a very wide range of technologies he is in charge of Wordbee Beebox CMS connectors, CMS systems and some other tricky projects.

Paola Cupperi, joined as Pre-Sales Consultant, is part of the Sales team and she will increase sales productivity by securing the “technical close” in complex proposals.

Kawthar Benjaddi comes to Wordbee from the University of Metz as a recent graduate.  Kawthar’s tasks include the organization of conferences, sales support and client administration.

Eoghan Dillon joined us recently as Support & Community Manager. He makes Wordbee the best possible customer experience from a support and online documentation point of view.

The latest addition to the documentation team is Tommaso Nonis who serves as a Technical Writer and Accessibility Advisor.

Wordbee has an open Business Development Manager position in the USA.

“Identifying and keeping talent is something we focus a lot of energy on,” José added.  “Our success is tied to the talented employees who serve our clients every day”.

About Wordbee 

Wordbee develops translation technology solutions for Enterprises and Translation Service Providers who want the most efficient and cost-effective way to manage translation projects and multilingual websites.  Wordbee Translator is a collaborative translation and project management platform and Wordbee Beebox connects CMSes with translation teams.