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Webinar Featuring GlobalSight Open Source Community Achievements


Wednesday, 27 May, 2009

Frederick, Maryland, USA (May 27, 2009) – GlobalSight, the open-source Translation Management System (TMS), achieves a major milestone with community members surpassing 1,000 since its creation in January and recent deployments of new versions of GlobalSight going into production environments. The GlobalSight team will host a webinar to showcase community-wide achievements, detail the benefits and features of the new 7.1.4 release and explain how to maximize the value received from participating in the GlobalSight open source community.

The GlobalSight Community Webinar will be held on Wednesday, June 3, 2009 at 12:00 EST, and feature two special guests: Tex Texin, Xen Master at XenCraft, internationalization expert and member of the GlobalSight Steering Committee; and Sultan Ghaznawi, President of YYZ Technologies, active community member and current GlobalSight user.

Sultan Ghaznawi recently completed his first production initiative with GlobalSight and will share how he was able to engage over 100 constituents from the vendor and client sides to carry out the localization of mission-critical training materials across 18 languages for a leading pharmaceutical company. Specifically, he will discuss best practices and lessons learned in configuring GlobalSight and training a diverse group of users.

“GlobalSight has proven that we can deliver more with less. We have already seen the ROI that we had expected from this product, and it continues to amaze us how powerful it can be when you fine tune the functions and workflows. A similar product from a proprietary vendor would have cost us more than GlobalSight and would most likely give us less features out of the box. We also find that the GlobalSight support community is flourishing daily and support is not an issue; we get better support than a proprietary product.”

Tex Texin will provide a brief overview of the open source model and the benefits of participation and community-wide collaboration. Tex will describe how to engage with the GlobalSight community and in particular explain how to solicit features, submit ideas or make code contributions.

From Welocalize, Gary Prioste, VP of Technology Services, and Steve Billings, Director of Solutions Architecture, will reveal the recent enhancements to GlobalSight, including the new 7.1.4 release, and provide a complete landscape of the competitive advantages, productivity boosters, most-requested enhancements and overall code improvements.

“We are thrilled to see the community grow with such strength and members like Sultan achieve demonstrable success in such a short amount of time and with minimal impact on their internal resources,” says Gary Prioste, VP of Technology Services for Welocalize. “Their accomplishment builds confidence for other organizations, large or small, to get up and running on their own at a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems in the market today.”

For more details and to register, please visit www.globalsight.com.

About GlobalSight
GlobalSight is a collaborative, open source initiative to develop a flexible and sustainable Translation Management System (TMS) that leverages the best ideas and addresses the true needs of the industry. In this non-captive community, participants are free to discuss, discover and build upon a translation process automation tool that provides choice and flexibilityand can be shared by all.

The direction and development of the GlobalSight Open Source Initiative is dictated by community members. For more information and to join the community, please visit www.globalsight.com.

About Welocalize
Welocalize offers integrated globalization services for the fluid and rapid deployment of enterprise content and applications to international markets. In response to unique customer needs, we provide globalization consulting, translation, localization and testing solutions that manage risk, improve repeatability and ensure transfer of knowledge from project to project.

Our clients include Autodesk, Inc.; Canon; Cisco Systems; Computer Associates; IBM; Microsoft; Sun; Symantec and Xerox. With over 400 employees worldwide, Welocalize maintains 11 offices in the United States, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Japan and China. Please visit www.welocalize.com for more information.