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Voices from Above: new book on online remote interpreting released by Mastervoice

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Friday, 19 May, 2017

Eric Bauwelinck releases first book on online remote interpreting: Voices from Above.

His new book details the journey of the interpretation sector from onsite to online.

May 19, 2017 - A new book by online interpreting expert Eric Bauwelinck is set to lift the lid on the revolution that is taking place within the interpretation industry.

'Voices From Above - A Journey from Onsite to Online Interpreting' is the first book which gets to grips with the massive shift in interpretation over recent years, and is a fascinating insight into a practice which has changed beyond recognition since voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology has come to the fore.

Using the business acumen and industry knowledge which has seen his company Mastervoice become the highest ranked in Europe for simultaneous interpreting, Eric Bauwelinck paints a vivid picture of the disruptive transformation in the market of interpretation; from onsite interpretation to online interpretation using the internet as a cloud application.

One of the early testimonials on 'Voices From Above - A Journey from Onsite to Online Interpreting' comes from Raymond Aaron, the New York Times best-selling author, who remarked: "Eric Bauwelinck is a man with a mission. He has been a conference interpreter for most of his career, and his heart goes to the interpreter community where breaking down linguistic barriers is a daily struggle. I strongly recommend reading his story on interpretation. It reveals the beauty of the profession based on his own experience, and it contains a wealth of professional advice for interpreters."

Among the readers that are bound to earmark 'Voices From Above - A Journey from Onsite to Online Interpreting' as essential reading are professional interpreters who provide onsite and online (remote) simultaneous interpreting, professional translators for translation of online instant messaging applications and linguists who can offer their services online as crowdsourcing community for instant language services. The tone is also likely to interest linguists that use video remote applications for teaching, as well as the end users; customers that want to tailor their own learning to their individual requirements.

Eric Bauwelinck stated: "It has been such an exciting project to compile this guide to modern day interpretation, which not only looks at the current techniques and trends, but also sees ahead to what could develop in years to come. I want it to serve as a knowledge repository for the sector, as well as containing a valuable snapshot of the industry as we know it since 2016."

The various chapters take readers on a journey through the current strands of interpretation, from conference interpretation to collaborative cloud models.

To receive an abstract on the market transformation from onsite to online interpreting please contact the author at [email protected] for more information or an interview.

Eric Bauwelinck

Award winning author and Ceo of Mastervoice, ranked 13th in the 2016 global top 100