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Vistatec Partnership Showcases at AIIM a Big Success


Thursday, 3 May, 2007

The AIIM Conference & Expo, the enterprise content and information management event of the year was a big success for Vistatec and partner companies IdiomTM Technologies and Clay Tablet Technologies.

The GALA Language Technology and Services Pavilion brought Vistatec and their two partners together to showcase their products and services in a collaborative forum.

Vistatec's partnership with Idiom Technologies started in October 2005 and has recently obtained Platinum status due to the depth of implementation of Idiom WorldServer® achieved at Vistatec. The partnership was on display at Wednesday's session "Simplify Content Globalization using Automated Workflow" in the Product Showcase Theater where VistaTEC and Idiom spoke about their successful alliance and provided a demonstration of WorldServer for AIIM participants. VistaTEC and Idiom have collaborated with end-to-end GMS and localization solutions since the partnership was formed.

Also exhibiting at the GALA pavilion at AIIM was Vistatec's newest partner, Clay Tablet Technologies.

The Vistatec and Clay Tablet partnership began as the need for connecting multiple Content Management Systems with Globalization Management Systems like WorldServer has become critical. Capable of connecting any content storage system to any globalization system, Clay Tablet helps simplifying localization by letting customers integrate and manage the diverse content storage and authoring systems that may be used across an organization. Vistatec and Clay Tablet's new joint offering, in conjunction with Idiom WorldServer, provides a unique way for global customers to connect their content systems with workflow driven localization services.

"We are most excited about our technology partnerships as they cover the complete process from English content creation to global deployment and connect our clients' complex systems into automated workflows", said Unn Villius, VP of Business Development at Vistatec.

For more information please visit www.vistatec.ie.

About Vistatec
Vistatec is a leader in localization and process management. Its name has become synonymous with quality deliverables, technical expertise, outstanding language services and the very best in project management. Extraordinary client retention has enabled us to form true partnerships, which over time have yielded remarkable results in terms of production efficiencies through automation and process adaptation.

Vistatec collaborates closely with technology companies world-wide that provide complementary services and commercial tools. These alliances have unified the best offerings of service and technology available and make Vistatec a formidable player in the globalization services sector.

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