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Vistatec Invests In New Translation Management System


Monday, 3 November, 2008

Technical and commercial collaboration with SDL leading to internal efficiencies and new revenue streams

Vistatec, one of the world's leading Localization Services Providers, today announced that it has added to its already significant technical capability by investing in SDL's Translation Management System™.

By joining the SDL LSP Partner Program, Vistatec will get full access to the SDL Translation Management System™ - the leading, enterprise workflow application for managing all aspects of clients' global information - and MultiTerm™ Server. As part of the agreement, Vistatec has also entered into the SDL technology beta program, providing feedback and input into the future direction of their products.

"As an independent Globalization services provider, Vistatec is passionate about the integration of world class, industry standard technology into its process", said Phil Ritchie, Chief Technology Officer at Vistatec. "We see it as fundamental to the provision of efficient, high quality, value added services to our customers. We believe that our commercial and technical collaboration with SDL will continue to grow to the benefit of localization service buyers worldwide."

"We see the benefits of participation in this program as threefold" continued Mark Flanagan, Vistatec's European Sales Manager. "To provide continuity of independent service for clients using current WorldServer and TMS™ platforms; to accompany and assist those clients transitioning to future SDL Global Information Management platforms; and to broaden our revenue opportunities through new service offerings and LSP Program localization services referrals."

"I've had the pleasure of many close discussions with Phil and team over the past few months, and have really come to respect the amount of drive the company has for providing the best solutions for their customers," said Keith Laska, Vice President of SDL TRADOS Technologies. "By joining the LSP Partner Program, Vistatec have become a fully certified partner, adding increased value and expertise in world leading technology to over 480 corporate work givers using the SDL Translation Management System™, and over 150,000 Desktop technology customers who can now plug seamlessly into their translation workflow. I recommend their services to any company looking to adopt a Global Information Management strategy."