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Vistatec in Berlin!


Wednesday, 4 June, 2008

Vistatec will be well represented at the upcoming Localization World conference in Berlin this June.

The company will be introducing its new European Sales Manager, Mark Flanagan. Mark is a seasoned sales professional whose experience selling IT services in Europe for companies such as HP Ireland and PFH Technology Group will support Vistatec's goal of developing a wider client base outside of Ireland and the U.S. Says, CEO Thomas Murray, "We are very pleased that Mark has joined Vistatec, his talents align beautifully with Vistatec's strategy to develop more Euro-based revenue."

On a related note, the Vistatec CEO will be taking part in a panel discussion in Berlin on "The Falling US$" and its impact on the localization industry. For any LSP sourcing translation in-country this is undoubtedly a hot topic, and the discussion promises be a lively one. Murray will be giving his viewpoint on the short and long term solutions to managing a business in an environment of a steadily eroding major currency. "We have had a year of tremendous opportunities and equally tremendous challenges," says Murray, "I am looking forward to hearing from our colleagues in the industry on their thoughts of this business climate."

Last but not least, Vistatec's Anna Browne, Tools and Process Manager will co-chair a session that addresses how agile development methodologies can be adjusted to support localization and the impact this has on the development process.

You'll find us at booth 28. We look forward to seeing you there!