E.g., 08/09/2020
E.g., 08/09/2020

Video Remote Interpreting for the Multilingual World

Janus Worldwide

Thursday, 21 May, 2020

 An overwhelming demand for remote interpreting made Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) one of the fastest growing areas in the language industry today. Janus Worldwide stays committed to helping customers and partners to breaking down barriers in communication, providing interpreting services when an in-situ interpreter isn’t available.

In times of global digitalization, and in response to the changing landscape, Video Remote Interpreting is no longer considered a niche technology. VRI allows conducting all types of virtual appointments with an interpreter to bridge your communication needs: international conferences with a large number of participants, business negotiations, webinars and more.

Over the past months, Janus has demonstrated its professionalism and status as a reliable partner in any situation. Employees of the Interpreting Projects Department held many conferences and webinars using Janus VRI (Franchise Business Lounge, meeting of the Board of Directors of Volga-Dnepr LLC, Fujitsu and Cisco conferences).

Our VRI projects are not only lines in the reporting system, but also a range of interesting experience, that has presented challenges for our team:

Online business appointment for a national airline courier

The event required remote interpreting in English-Russian and German-Russian language pairs for 25 participants. The speakers were employees holding top positions. Thanks to preliminary testing, which is mandatorily carried out before the start of any event, and to the highly qualified specialists who organized a group of linguistic and technical support, the quality of sound and information transmission were at a high level. The client requirements were duly met, and all participants noted the importance and comfort of using the system, which are so necessary today. The team consisted of six people (four interpreters, a technical specialist, and a coordinator). Given the multilingual nature of the project, such technical platform options were used as switching channels between languages and improving sound quality – all thanks to the platform’s functionality.

Webinar for an international audience of thousands

The subject was of interest to the general public, which is why the number of participants was estimated to be in the thousands. The main difficulties were the different locations of the participants, so there was a need for the professionalism of the technical specialists and organizers to arrange such a large audience in an online environment and to ensure the quality of sound and signal transmission of the translation, as well as the presentation of the speakers at a proper level, which we certainly managed to achieve.

Online business conference – Multilanguage interpreting

The project was distinguished by a large number of language pairs: from Russian into foreign languages (English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German) and vice versa, while eliminating any possibility of incorrect translation – thanks to the professionalism of the interpreters and the group of organizers, which included four representatives: technical managers, coordinators, and moderators. The online conference level has reached its highest in all the time the company has been working in the field of cloud solutions.

Remote interpreting is currently being reborn as a solution. VRI combines the benefits of face-to-face interpreting with the on-demand nature of Over-the-Phone Interpretation.