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Venga CEO to Host GALA Webinar on Agile Development

Venga Global

Tuesday, 3 May, 2011

San Francisco, CA – On Tuesday, 10 May 2011, as part of the well-respected GALA Webinar Series, Venga Corporation’s CEO, Kåre Lindahl, will host a webinar on the impact of agile development on localization .  Co-hosting the event will be David Canek, CEO of MemSource Technologies.  The webinar is scheduled for 11 EDT (GMT-5).


The webinar will look at how and why agile development makes optimized content more critical than ever. Educational content on Agile will be the focus of the webinar session, which will conclude with a brief tool demo of the UTMA server from MemSource.


The importance of clean and concise source material resonates with even more impact in the agile development environment. This webinar will transcend beginner level by assuming a knowledge base of best practice source content rules and strategies. Next level intermediate focus will examine the topics of how and why agile makes optimized content management more critical than ever before. The presenters will cover:


  • What does agile mean for global business?
  • What does agile mean for localization?
  • Clean and concise source material is mission critical.
  • Reduced time available to “fix things later.”


Members of the Globalization and Localization Association can attend the webinar at no cost.  Members of ALC can attend for $25.  Non-GALA members can attend for a fee of $129.


The direct registration link is https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/618088874


Venga helps clients implement best practice BPO, building localization teams dedicated to each client. As technology companies face compressed time to market schedules and to compete for global market success, Venga is part of the solution. With expertise in upstream areas of content management and software development, as well as in downstream awareness of international market pressures, Venga brings “big picture” understanding to its partnerships with clients. Customers get the best of both worlds via Venga - the feel, quality, continuity, and dedicated resources of an internal department without the overhead or the bureaucracy. Venga serves clients who seek true partnership to ensure confident outsourcing of the localization function.


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