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Unique Language Translation Platform Now Available in North America; Result of New Partnership Between JR Language Translation and Linguaserve

Top of the Line Tools Will Simplify Workflow, Reduce Costs and Time to Translate

JR Language Translation Services, Inc.

Wednesday, 15 October, 2014

Rochester, New York - Atlas Real Time is a multilingual publishing system that eliminates the technical work required to create new language versions for websites. The innovative technology can automatically detect changes to any website and initiate translations by JR Language Translations (based in the Rochester suburb of Webster). The result: websites can be available in new languages in a much shorter time.

“With the use of this platform known as translation proxy technology, and a mix of human and automated translations, the cost and time to translate business websites into any language can be reduced between 10 and 60 percent, said JR Language Translation Services Chief Operating Officer, Sergio Ruffolo.

ATLAS is now available in North America for the first time as the result of a new partnership agreement between JR Language Translation Services and Linguaserve. Both companies will leverage their strengths to provide an integral array of exclusive solutions for the localization and globalization of websites and information systems.  

As JR Language Translation Services continues to grow and expand in the U.S. and around the world, the Rochester based company remains committed to its top priority: customer satisfaction.  Well-known clients include: Iberdrola, Tyco, The World Bank, Harvard, Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester General Hospital, Xerox, United Way, and many others.

“Our partnership with Linguaserve will allow us to continue to meet the needs of our consumers by bringing leading edge technology never before seen in this field to the North American Market. Any business or organization that relies on web development for sales should be taking a look at this new resource,” said Ruffolo.

The collaboration between Linguaserve and JR Language Translation Services will provide the systems needed to tackle the growing and changing market of multilingual electronic services by making available cutting edge solutions that are based on innovative experience and commitment to quality. It is a partnership that will prove to be a tremendous asset to businesses and organizations in both cost-savings and quality improvement measures.

These platforms will improve the concept known as “time to market” for multilingual websites, reduce cost of implementation due to the automation of the processes involved, permit leverage of existing translations and simplify tasks for the IT department.

Both companies presented their platforms and the power of their partnership at the 2014 Internet Retail Conference and Expo (IRCE) in Chicago earlier this year.

About Linguaserve:

Linguaserve, based in Madrid, is a company that specializes in translations, linguistic services and cutting-edge multilingual solutions that provide advanced solutions and services capable of overcoming the technological, linguistic, cultural, global, local and multi-media barriers faced by many companies.

Linguaserve currently works in more than 30 languages and has more than 1,500 approved freelance linguists throughout the world. The company's clients include public administrations, law firms and international organizations, as well as national and multinational companies in various sectors including: e-commerce, construction, consumer, food sector, energy, financial, patents and trademarks, healthcare, insurance, information technology, media and tourism, among others. For more information, please visit: www.linguaserve.com

About JR Language:

JR Language Translation Services Inc., which is based in the Rochester suburb of Webster, New York, enables companies to sell its products and services in multiple languages around the world, providing culturally specific translation and localization solutions in more than 60 languages. With its headquarters in New York State and offices in key locations throughout the U.S., the company is able to offer advanced technology to help brands communicate across cultures. Services offered by JR Language Translation include: website translation, audio/video translation, document translation, multilingual Desktop publishing and marketing. For more information please visit www.jrlanguage.com, or contact [email protected], by phone at 585-935-7144.