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U.K.-Based Localization Firm Changes Name to Conversis, Ltd.: New Name to Support Global Expansion Strategy


Monday, 17 January, 2005

OXFORD, England - Oxford Conversis, a UK-based localization and translation company, will change its name to Conversis, Ltd. According to Gary Muddyman, chief executive officer, the new name, which went in to effect on January 1, 2005, is part of a strategic initiative to expand the company's operations and brand awareness globally.

"Although our roots are in the U.K., we also serve clients in North America, Europe and other countries, including many companies that have no presence in the U.K. whatsoever," Muddyman said. "Because the word 'Oxford' is so strongly associated with England and our goal is to position Conversis as a global, rather than a regional brand, we decided to eliminate 'Oxford' from our corporate identity."

In addition to the name change, Muddyman said Conversis has taken a number of other steps to support the company's international expansion. In late 2004, Conversis hired industry veteran Doug Lawrence to lead an expanding sales operation. Lawrence, who has extensive experience in translation and global marketing, will focus on building the company's international client base in a broad range of industries.

Currently, Conversis provides translation and localization services for a variety of market sectors, including global financial services, hardware and software manufacturers, games publishers, eLearning and educational providers, medical and pharmaceutical companies, automotive manufacturers, and the telecom industry.

Muddyman said that throughout 2005, Conversis will continue to develop a broader range of service divisions. "Our objective is to support our localization and translation services with a growing number of programs that address the business and cultural issues that are equally important to consider -- and manage -- when companies are entering foreign markets."

"Many companies provide excellent translation services, but very few have the ability to match language and technology skills with the business expertise clients need to minimize their risk and maximize return when adapting existing programs to foreign environments. Our goal is to combine business and cultural acumen with high-quality translations to provide clients with a completely turnkey localization service."

About Conversis
Founded in 2003, Conversis is a subsidiary of Ruxley Holdings, based in the United Kingdom. Conversis is a leading provider in the Localization, Translation and Interpretation (LTI) industry, tailoring business needs to each company's relevant markets. More information can be found at www.conversisglobal.com.