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E.g., 04/08/2020

Two Ways Translation Services is Post-Editing Certified

Two Ways Translation Services

Monday, 28 July, 2014

Two Ways Translation Services is glad to announce that as of last week, we have been certified by TAUS in post editing of machine translation.

Although sometimes questioned and discouraged, machine translation has never stopped improving, so we considered it important to try to go along with that trend.

All our in-house linguists completed the course and passed all the compulsory assignments required to be granted the certification. The course itself consisted of 6 modules with one assessment per module. All the chapters were performed online as well as the tests.  We are proud to have a qualified team striving to be part of this “new” chapter in our industry.

About Two Ways Translation Services

Two Ways is an English to Spanish translation agency based in Córdoba, Argentina.  Established in 2005, we provide translation, revision, transcreation, and localization services with one goal in mind: satisfying our customers' needs by exceeding their expectations through a professional and responsible approach. In our everyday work, we put into practice our intrinsic values of knowledge, flexibility, and effectiveness.  We also aim to create an environment where our team members can be committed to their work and develop their full potential.