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Two Ways launches its totally-renewed webiste

Two Ways Translation Services

Friday, 11 October, 2013

Two Ways Translation Services, an Argentine translation agency that provides linguistic services from English into Spanish, has launched its totally-renewed website: www.twoways.net.  Responding to a more dynamic marketplace, the agency decided to give its website a fresher, more complete, and more modern look.  One of the new sections features all of the in-house team members and it includes their pictures and a brief bio to allow everyone who visits the chance to put a face to a name.


Another addition is the News section, where you can find tips for translators, interesting articles, and translation related-material.  The other bonus  feature is the Services section, where the company lists all the fields in which it mainly works.  However, there are still original sections like the forms to submit online quotes and to be filled in by those interested in being added to our database of translators.  Finally, Two Ways chose to include all of its social network contact information to be easily found by soon-to-be-followers.


About Two Ways Translation Services

Two Ways Translation Services is an English to Spanish translation agency based in Córdoba, Argentina.  Established in 2005, we provide translation, revision, transcreation, and localization services with one goal in mind: satisfying our customers' needs by exceeding their expectations through a professional and responsible approach. In our everyday work, we put into practice our intrinsic values of knowledge, flexibility, and effectiveness.  We also aim to create an environment where our team members can be committed to their work and develop their full potential.