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TripleInk Launches Ethnic Communications Division

Moncur Consulting LLC

Tuesday, 4 March, 2008

Minneapolis, USA (March 03, 2008) - In an effort to reflect the impact of the ever-growing ethnic and linguistic diversity on the US marketplace, Minneapolis-based TripleInk, a multilingual marketing communications agency, has expanded its Latino Communications practice and created a broader Ethnic Communications division. The new division will help clients and their agencies reach a multitude of non-English speaking audiences in the US.

“The increasing linguistic and cultural diversity of this country is posing a considerable challenge to companies who wish to reach these potential customers and make their products, services and brands relevant to these audiences,” said Christa Tiefenbacher-Hudson, Managing Director of TripleInk. “By expanding our communications efforts to include more languages, TripleInk will be able to help companies navigate this changing marketplace.”

According to the US Census Bureau, there are 14 million US households in which people speak a language other than English, and the number of languages spoken exceeds 300. It is estimated that by the time the next census is due in 2010, the number of people who are not native English speakers will surpass 50 million, and of those over 10 million will not speak English well, if at all. And while Spanish continues to represent the largest language group, there are many other languages being used daily in the US, from Arabic, Armenian and Chinese to Polish, Thai, Urdu and Vietnamese.

For years TripleInk has helped many of its clients reach Hispanic audiences; however, those same clients targeted other ethnic audiences only occasionally. As TripleInk has helped educate and counsel its clients on the benefits of reaching other ethnic audiences, the need for a broader communications division has emerged. And thanks to new media and production technology making it more affordable to mine smaller segments of the US market in order to increase market share, TripleInk now regularly produces materials in multiple languages for their clients’ domestic market. The agency’s newly redesigned website (www.tripleink.com) reflects this widening effort while also providing more information about its services and access to a secure client portal.

About TripleInk

TripleInk is a leading multilingual, multicultural communications agency based in Minneapolis. By integrating languages with strategic marketing and multicultural insight, TripleInk has provided strategically driven creative solutions and practical multilingual communication tools to clients who want to reach international and US ethnic markets, including such companies as American Express, Anheuser Busch, AT&T, Cargill, Carlson Companies, Hyatt Hotels, Marvin Windows, Mercedes-Benz, Northwest Airlines, Pfizer, Possis, St. Jude Medical, Target Corporation, TCF Bank, The Scotts Company, and others. The range of work includes print and broadcast advertising, brochures and videos, instructional and promotional materials, packaging and labeling, and website localization. The agency is an operating company of Martin|Williams, Inc., which is part of Omnicom.

To find out more about TripleInk, please contact Christa Tiefenbacher-Hudson, Managing Director, at 612.342.9790, or email us.