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TransPerfect Sponsors Independent Study Conducted by VICE Media Identifying the Impact of Young Travelers on Key Emerging Markets in the Travel Industry


Thursday, 21 June, 2018

NEW YORK, June 21, 2018 -- TransPerfect, the world's largest provider of language and technology solutions for global business and the leading content globalization partner for the travel industry, today announced the release of a digital report entitled The Future of Travel.

Independently authored by VICE Media, extensive research and surveys were conducted to uncover key global high-value travelers over the next 20 years.

Economic forecasting identified eight countries spread over three distinctive regions as the most significant emerging markets for youth travel. These markets have large and growing youth populations with access to resources that will enable them to shape global travel as they enter their peak earning, spending, and traveling years.

  • Latin America: Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina
  • Middle East: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates
  • Southeast Asia: Indonesia and the Philippines

The current youth population, ages 18–34, in these markets was surveyed to explore these travelers’ preferences, mindset, planning methodology, and travel barriers. The opportunity for brands is clear; research shows a clear desire for translated travel products and digital content. Demand for translated services will only continue to grow as the youth population and emerging economies soar.

Dan O’Sullivan, Vice President of Travel Solutions at TransPerfect, remarked, “As the language and cultural consulting partner of the world’s leading travel companies, a common challenge we see faced by our clients is the evolving demographics of the travel population, which often limits them to be more reactive than proactive in their marketing approach. Through this research, we hope to help our clients better prepare their service offerings to provide the best-in-class experiences for the emerging travelers.”  

Julie Arbit, Vice President of Insight at VICE Media, added, “We were excited to use our expertise as the preeminent youth media company to conduct this research for TransPerfect. We are constantly exploring global youth behavior and culture to fuel our content, and The Future of Travel was a particularly interesting topic as travel is a passion point we often use to help us and our audience better understand the world.”

The full report can be obtained here or by emailing [email protected].

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