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E.g., 04/01/2020

TransLink Year-end Results — English remains the most in-demand language among our customers.


Thursday, 29 May, 2014

TransLink Translation Agency celebrated 11 great years since its founding.

For our company, the previous year was marked with being part of truly spectacular events both of a national and international scale. These were the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan, our work with members of the Arctic Sunrise team in Murmansk and many other notable events. Upon the conclusion of the project in Kazan, TransLink was entered into the Russian Book of Records. The company’s translators worked in a variety of topics ranging from the automotive industry, medicine, finances, oil and gas to innovation, the aircraft industry, defense industry and legal topics. Several members of our team spent last year away from home on long business trips abroad. Our interpreters distinguished themselves in Venezuela, Algeria, Italy and China.

Translation in numbers.

Last year, TransLink specialists from the head office alone translated over 200,000 pages of text. Simultaneous and consecutive interpreters spent over 10,000 days working at various events. Statistics also show that today, interpretation encompasses no more than 10% of the overall volume of orders we receive at TransLink. A special service which is most often necessary when presenting documents to various authorities is notarization and 8% of our orders required it last year. A total of 23% of our clients requested proofreading and editing services, which is 10% more than in 2012.

Over 90% of our translations last year were either from or into Russian. The most sought-after language for written translations still remains English. Over 70% of the orders made last year required translations with this language and included 47.18% of texts from English into Russian and 24.74% from Russian into English. French and German trail behind English in popularity with each of the languages encompassing roughly 2% of all translations last year.

The situation with interpretation is quite different. Even though English still led in the number of orders last year, second place was, however, taken by Japanese. In 2013, our translators translated over 70 different languages. The most notable of the rare languages were Avar, Malaysian, and Farsi.