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Translations.com Introduces GlobalLink 4.0


Tuesday, 15 February, 2011

Intuitive Enterprise Software Suite Streamlines Every Facet of the Localization Process


New York, February 15, 2011 -- Translations.com, the world’s largest privately held provider of language services and translation-related technologies, today announced the release of GlobalLink 4.0, the latest version of the company’s localization management suite. GlobalLink 4.0 gives global organizations the ability to translate, review, and deploy any multilingual content (online or offline) with lower costs, faster time-to-market, and higher quality than ever before. Translations.com’s clients implement the GlobalLink product suite to operate more efficiently in global markets.


In this latest release, GlobalLink’s modular design and unparalleled integration capabilities are now matched with an intuitive user interface and flexible application architecture that can be launched quickly and efficiently. Designed to meet the requirements of today’s multinational organizations, the GlobalLink 4.0 suite simplifies localization while ensuring the clarity and consistency of multilingual messaging. While Translations.com provides translation services, the system is built to work with any internal or external set of linguistic resources. This gives clients complete flexibility to choose their own translation resources to deliver services.


GlobalLink 4.0 is comprised of several application modules that can function independently or as part of an integrated, end-to-end solution. The suite includes:


  • GlobalLink Project Director: Project Director coordinates and consolidates all facets of the translation workflow process. Users can mangage translation tasks across multiple internal stakeholders, business units, file formats, external vendors, and IT environments. Project /director can integrate with virtually any third-party or back-end system, such as CMS, database, or e-commerce platforms.

  • GlobalLink TM ServerTM Server enables maximum content reuse and facilitates collaboration between globally distributed localization resources. The end result is translations that are completed faster, at lower cost, and with higher quality.

  • GlobalLink Translation & Review Portal: This module provides translation teams and internal reviewers with a collaborative environment in which to manage the entire language validation process via a user-friendly Web interface.

  • GlobalLink Term Manager: This Web-based terminology management tool allows users to develop, review, search, and manage terms in any language.

  • GlobalLink Content Director: Content Director allows users to automatically extract content from databases, file systems, and content management systems. Change detection technology eliminates project management burdens associated with highly dynamic content.

  • GlobalLink TransStudio: A powerful TM application, TransStudio ensures companies will never translate the same phrase twice, allowing users to reduce costs related to translation, accelerate turnaround times and improve overall language quality.


According to Translations.com Co-CEO Phil Shawe, “GlobalLink 4.0 represents an unprecedented step forward in Translations.com’s mission of helping our clients operate their global businesses more efficiently. Global business communications present a number of challenges to multinational corporations, which GlobalLink 4.0 addresses at the enterprise level. The database and CMS integration capabilities, and the vendor-neutral design of GL 4.0, will provide users with more flexibility in the translation process than ever before achievable.”


He went on to add, “We're incredibly excited to see our clients already beginning to benefit from the years of development work and exhaustive internal testing that has gone into this latest version of our software.  GlobalLink already holds a leadership position in field of translation management and workflow technologies, and we're confident that the 4.0 release will propel GlobalLink to become the de facto standard for corporations worldwide."


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