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Wednesday, 2 January, 2008

New York, NY -- In a recent communication from Chairman of thebigwordGroup, Larry Gould, the third quarter of 2007 was touted as the company's best single quarter in its history, boasting a significant revenue increase. Reflective of the growth thebigwordGroup has seen in 2007, the company has positioned itself to have a banner year in 2008. With over 35% revenue growth expected for the previous year, the company attributes its success to an increase in contract wins as well as the launch of its new product LanguageDirectorTM .

Among significant contract wins for 2007 were those from Ford Motor, DWP, MTV Europe, Forbes.com to name a few. With increased demand from their client base, thebigwordGroup also opened several new global offices in London, Germany, Beijing and Shanghai.

Additionally, thebigwordGroup anticipates even more growth in 2008 with the recent launch of the LanguageDirectorTM platform, the first complete translation management system which integrates technology, people and processes into one solution. LanguageDirectorTM is hosted on demand via a "software as a service" (SaaS) model, providing rapid implementation and negating the need for a company's infrastructure. At a fraction of the price of GMS alternatives, LanguageDirectorTM provides an affordable alternative in an ever price sensitive and competitive marketplace. Never before has any language service provider been able to offer this degree of functionality so competitively to those looking to intelligently manage their language projects. Client response to LanguageDirectorTM has been extremely positive.

CEO, Chris Ball, comments on the 2007 business year, "2007 has been a very successful year for us with significant revenue growth, an extended network of offices and the development of market leading translation management technology. 2008 will be just as exciting as thebigword continues to extend its footprint around the world."

About thebigword Group
thebigwordGroup is one of the world's leading translation service providers, with offices in New York, Chicago London, Japan, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and most recently, China. Offering a global reach, thebigword is a multifaceted corporation allowing customers to experience the best in translation services encompassing the best technology solutions in the industry. With 30 years of experience working in the automotive industry, thebigword understands the processes involved in producing high quality, accurate and specialised translations. With a global network of over 7,500 linguists, including translators and interpreters, who operate in 150 languages and 500 language pairs across 77 countries, thebigword translates for a broad range of industries including finance, sales and marketing, healthcare, manufacturing and IT. Services provided by thebigword include: interpreting, multimedia voice over, eLearning, and web site translation and localization. For more information visit: www.thebigword.com .