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E.g., 04/07/2020

Translation Quality Assurance Tools Survey

Palex Group Inc.

Tuesday, 31 July, 2007

From 1 August through September 28, 2007 Palex is performing a translation community survey to evaluate acceptance of translation quality assurance tools by the translation community, to define where such tools currently are, their advantages and disadvantages and to visualize their future capabilities and role in translation process.

In parallel with the survey, Palex is going to test and benchmark translation quality assurance tools currently available in the market. The survey and benchmarking results will be presented at 29th Translating and the Computer conference that will tale place on 29-30 November 2007 in London, as well as in other industry publications.

The survey respondents who provide their e-mail addresses will be able to receive survey analysis as soon as the survey is closed. We invite you to take the survey and share your opinion about translation quality assurance automation. Your feedback will be highly appreciated!

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