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TRANSLATED joins Clay Tablets Partner Program, introduces pushbutton human translation for Europe

Clay Tablet Technologies

Tuesday, 5 December, 2006

Toronto, Ontario, Canada -- TRANSLATED, a multi-language translation service provider based in Rome, Italy, has joined Clay Tablet's rapidly growing Partner Program. Integration between Clay Tablet's client-side technologies and TRANSLATED's powerful translation collaboration platform enables true "pushbutton human translation", making localization of web sites and documents easier and more cost effective than ever before.

Using Clay Tablet's Rosetta Gateway, the two companies' translation workflow applications have been integrated to make translation projects flow between them automatically.

TRANSLATED's clients can now send content for translation quickly and easily from a broad range of content management systems and through Clay Tablet's Rosetta Suite. Submitted content is forwarded automatically to TRANSLATED's workflow system, called Human Translation Server (HTS). HTS combines project management, in-country localization, translation memory management and quality assurance into one integrated workflow. To increase re-use of translation assets, TRANSLATED's Translation Management Server builds a translation memory for each new project in real-time based on previous translations, reducing translation time and increasing consistency and quality.

The two companies first worked together on a web site translation for Clay Tablet customer DAS (www.dubrovnikapartmentsource.com). "It was the easiest website translation we've ever done," said Joe Dougherty, Business Development manager at TRANSLATED. "Unlike traditional website projects, we didn't have to dig through HTML or PHP files to find the translatable text. Nor did the client have to manually cut and paste content out of the site for submission to us. Clay Tablet's system passed us the translatable text directly inside an XML file, in XLIFF format, so we could start the translation process immediately without any additional preparation. Once it was finished, we posted the entire translation back to Clay Tablet's system where it was approved and up on the site instantly."

"We're very impressed by TRANSLATED and are lucky to have them on board," said Clay Tablet Founder & CEO Robinson Kelly. "They really understand how to use technology as a competitive differentiator. Together, we're two very forward-looking translation technology companies, and that's proving powerful to customers."

TRANSLATED is a leading provider of localization, testing and translation automation solutions in more than 1,000 language combinations with local professionals in more than 100 countries. It works with more than 4,000 customers worldwide to increase global content re-use and decrease time-to-market of global products. The company's mission is to reduce the cost and increase the accessibility of human translation through natural language processing and innovative custom workflow automation. The company's web site is www.translated.net.

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