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Tongue Twisters Asia Online and Clay Tablet intertwine CMS with SMT

Clay Tablet Technologies

Friday, 27 June, 2008

Asia Online and Clay Tablet technologies agree to link Asia Online’s Statistical Machine Translation platform to the popular Clay Tablet 2.0 system to allow seamless integration with enterprises content management and translation management solutions. The agreement effectively enables any content in an organization’s CMS to be translated into more than 200 different language pairs.

Bangkok and Toronto (June 26 2008) - Clay Tablet Technologies and Asia Online today announced they will jointly develop integration between Asia Online’s Statistical Machine Translation platform and Clay Tablet 2.0, which is the industry’s leading solution for managing the connection between translation solutions and the enterprise.

According to Robinson Kelly, CEO of Clay Tablet, the agreement will ensure that organizations can readily access Asia Online’s industrial-strength statistical machine translation platform as part of their ongoing business processes.

"We’re very excited about Asia Online’s unique approach to machine translation and helping them quickly connect this new technology to a broad range of Content Management and Translation Management systems," says Mr. Kelly.

Asia Online recently announced its Statistical Machine Translation platform that learns from humans in real time. The platform can perform translations in over 200 language pairs including German-French, German-Spanish, German Portuguese, English-Hindi, English-Spanish, English-Thai, English-Chinese, etc. It has been designed to handle massive volumes of text for large-scale, bulk translation projects and also for high-traffic, real-time environments. The platform is ideal for many of Clay Tablet’s enterprise clients and language service provider partners, who are engaged in projects that are either too large for humans to do alone in a cost effective and practical manner, or are time sensitive and need to be translated quickly.

“Machine Translation is quickly becoming a ‘must have’ component in many globalization initiatives, either as stand-alone technology or as part of a multi-step process that also leverages human translation,” commented Mr. Kelly. “In all cases, greater efficiency is the goal. Clay Tablet automates the flow of content between all involved systems, extending the vision of greater translation efficiency that machine translation promises.”

With Clay Tablet 2.0, enterprises’ Content Management Solutions may be quickly connected to Asia Online’s statistical machine translation platform, allowing for rapid translation of content, either in bulk or on an as-needed basis. Furthermore, corrections made by human proofreaders during the editing process will also be passed back to the Asia Online platform and used to train the translation engine in real time.

Dion Wiggins, CEO of Asia Online, explains: "One of the biggest reasons for poor-quality machine translation is poor-quality training data for the engine and an inability to retrain the system when it makes a mistake. Asia Online has a suite of tools and processes to help organizations clean and format large amounts their corporate information for use as training data when tailoring the Asia Online platform to their needs. They can then further improve translation quality through our human-machine feedback loop.”"

"Since most corporate data exists in a multitude of different formats in enterprise CMSs, having a single solution like Clay Tablet to connect enterprise content, to humans and our statistical machine translation platform is optimal. It closes the loop on not only the translation of content, but also of training and improving the statistical machine translation platform to meet an organization’s specific needs," concluded Mr. Wiggins.

About Clay Tablet Technologies (www.Clay-Tablet.com)
Clay Tablet’s unique translation integration software easily connects any number of content management systems to any translation system or provider. Clients immediately benefit from Clay Tablet with improved translation process efficiency, making it significantly faster and easier to set-up, manage, send and retrieve translation projects. Based in Toronto, Canada, Clay Tablet works exclusively with a global channel partner network of technology vendors, translation service providers and system integrators.

About Asia Online Pte Ltd (www.asiaonline.net/corporate)
Asia Online’s unique services enable people to transcend language as a barrier to knowledge by providing unrivalled access to the limitless store of English-language content on the Internet, in their language of choice.

Asia Online's primary focus is to deliver huge amounts of content in local languages. In doing so it has created a core technological infrastructure that enables massive translation projects to be undertaken. Asia Online is working with language service providers and publishers with its unique infrastructure that facilitates the ongoing evolution of real time corrective improvements that aims to deliver machine translation quality that is second to none.

Formed in 2007, Asia Online is a privately owned company backed by a number of individual investors and institutional venture capital. Its corporate headquarters are in Singapore, and its operational headquarters are in Bangkok, Thailand, where it conducts R&D and daily business operations. Asia Online currently employs more than 180 staff and is in the process of being incorporated in an additional 10 Asian countries.

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