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TOIN Corporation

Monday, 16 April, 2007

Leading Asian Localization Firm Branches out to North America with Minneapolis Offices

-- TOIN Corporation launches TOIN USA Inc. to focus on the North American localization market, worth just under $4 billion in 2006 and projected to grow beyond $5 billion by 2010, according to Common Sense Advisory, the industry’s leading research firm (www.commonsenseadvisory.com). Founded in 1964 in Tokyo, TOIN is the oldest and best-known localization firm in Asia and has long worked with Global 1000 companies such as IBM, Microsoft, DaimlerChrysler and SAP to prepare their products for international markets. TOIN USA will offer a comprehensive suite of services including localization, authoring, content management and workflow/process consulting to help companies effectively market products and services to businesses and consumers worldwide.

The term “localization” refers to the process of preparing a product for a local market. When companies like Panasonic or Yahoo! – TOIN has worked with both – need to market a product in several countries at once, expert companies like TOIN “localize” the product, to make it blend in seamlessly with the language, customs and consumer preferences of the target market. This can involve many tasks, including human and machine translation of texts and web sites, software reengineering, content management and other services that make the process of entering global markets more effective and efficient for the enterprise.

“This was a natural move because we have been helping companies with interests in North America for so long. We will be better able to serve our clients and apply our proven processes to build a bridge between Asia and North America and beyond,” said vice president Aki Ito, who will lead TOIN USA with offices in Minneapolis.

Ito is also immediate past board chairman of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), one of the industry’s top trade organizations. “Building awareness of this industry is important right now,” said Ito. “Many consumers, and even companies who market internationally, are unfamiliar with what we do. But we’ve found that once companies recognize our expertise, they immediately see the benefits of working with specialized localization firms, such as speed to market and cost savings.

TOIN USA will be participating in GALA’s Language Technology and Services Pavilion (Booth 2235) at the 2007 AIIM Conference and Expo, April 16 – 19. TOIN USA Comprehensive Services TOIN USA will offer a full suite of Global Technical Communication ServicesSM that may be integrated for end-to-end solutions or used individually to help reach business goals.

Localization includes translation, localization engineering, desktop publishing, HI-BRIDSM translation and project management. HI-BRID is TOIN’s blend of human and IT-based translation techniques. TOIN exploits translation memory tools and machine translation for faster time-to-market, but with human control and editing to ensure quality.

Authoring encompasses research and interview, document planning, technical writing, design and project management. Companies often rely on TOIN for complete service from authoring to localization for cost-savings, efficiency and the convenience of having a single point of contact and responsibility.

Content management solutions include consulting to understand business issues, a content audit to determine how content is created, and content design recommendations to help companies phase in tools and technologies across the enterprise that will yield efficiency and cost savings, as well as help the enterprise communicate with one voice for enhanced customer care and brand recognition. TOIN engineers also create custom utilities that integrate content management with clients’ existing software systems.

Workflow/process consulting helps companies to assess their localization needs in the light of the latest industry trends and best practices. TOIN consulting aims to determine a client’s business goals first. Next a thorough analysis of existing workflows and processes is performed. TOIN then makes informed recommendations on how the company can save money, enhance efficiency or achieve other benefits by bringing in better tools or making key modifications to workflow and processes. TOIN will also help educate the client’s staff in best practices for working with the localization industry.

TOIN USA Inc. is registered in Delaware with primary offices in Minneapolis.

ABOUT TOIN: TOIN Corporation is a full-service localization provider with services encompassing authoring, localization, content management and workflow/process consulting. TOIN offers global reach and exceptional strength in Asia. The company has more than 40 years of experience helping Global 1000 companies in industries such as automotive, information technology, life sciences, engineering, electronics, training, publishing, manufacturing, software development, semiconductors and consumer products. TOIN has worked with clients such as IBM, Microsoft, NEC, Panasonic, SAP, Sun, Sybase, Toshiba and many others.

TOIN is headquartered in Tokyo, with additional operations in the United States, Europe and China. For more information and sales: TOIN Corporation web site, www.to-in.com; TOIN USA, Aki Ito, Vice President, [email protected]; TOIN Japan, Sunil Sadhwani, Director, Sales & Marketing, [email protected], TOIN Europe, René Savelsbergh, European Sales Manager, [email protected].

Download GALA's Media Kit for the 2007 AIIM Language Technology and Services Pavilion at www.gala-global.org/en/resources/2007AIIM_GALApresskit.pdf