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TOIN Experts to Share Insights on Practical Use of Text-to-Speech Technology for Japanese Business Communications at Tekom 2015

TOIN Corporation

Saturday, 1 August, 2015

TOKYO (Aug. 25, 2015) - Representatives of TOIN Corporation will present practical insights on using text-to-speech technology for Japanese business communications during the upcoming tcworld conference 2015, Nov. 11-13 in Stuttgart, Germany. TOIN Director of International Operations Aki Ito and European Director of Sales Terukazu Konishi will participate.

The quality of text-to-speech technology has improved to the point that it can be used in many business contexts. Ito and Konishi will share some actual cases of applying this technology to reduce the cost and production time for Japanese language voice-overs. Demonstrations of voice samples will be introduced.

"Part of the story is cost reduction and speed of voice-over delivery," said Ito. "But the real story is how text-to-speech technology can get more of your products, services and brand content out to more language markets quickly, leveraging the power of video."

"Many studies have shown that employees and customers are more likely to watch video than read text. This is true globally," added Konishi. "For multilingual training and eLearning, or for consumer information, customer service and advertising, providing access to video content in more languages ultimately equals bigger opportunity and brand reach for our clients."

TOIN Corporation has offices in Japan, China, Korea, Italy, the United States, and the United Kingdom and provides translation, localization and consulting services to dozens of global clients in the computing, e-learning and training, consumer electronics, automotive, digital imaging, internet, software and other industries.


Aki Ito, Director of International Operations
TOIN Corporation
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