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TMS Inspiration Days: new translation market conference

XTRF Translation Management Systems

Friday, 22 January, 2010

TMS Inspiration Days is the first translation market conference where participants, in addition to information on the latest trends in technology and market development, will attain knowledge that will inspire them to explore and introduce new business solutions. The initiator and organiser of the meeting in Cracow (Poland) is XTRF™ Translation Management Systems, which is mainly known in the market for its unique customer approach as well as its continuous and exceptionally rapid development. The conference will take place 18-19 March 2010.


The conference will be entitled: Technology, know-how, and money!


The topics will include: models of business management with the use of ISO certification, sales and motivational training, presentation of the experience of the translation companies participating in the project "Translation Management Systems User's Experience", as well as workshops and training on selected technological tools (among others: the latest version of XTRF™ 2.0).              


TMS Inspiration Days is also an excellent opportunity to make new and interesting business contacts. Networking is one of the main values of conference meetings and, therefore, this part of the conference will be a priority.


Registration is open.


All information about the conference, programme, and accreditation can be found at