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Tilde creates the first mobile app with built-in speech recognition for Latvian


Monday, 6 January, 2014

Language technology developer Tilde has created the first mobile app with built-in speech recognition for the Latvian language. The free Latvian-language Android app, called Ēriks, is a EUR/LVL currency converter that will assist Latvian citizens during the transition process from the lats to the euro. Latvia joined the eurozone on January 1.

To use the free app, users state in Latvian the sum they wish to convert. Employing 3D facial animation, Ēriks responds with the converted figure. In addition to currency conversion, Ēriks can also speak a few basic phrases in Latvian.

The creation of Ēriks is part of Tilde’s ongoing efforts to enable Europe’s smaller languages for the digital era. Tilde’s other language technology products include machine translation technology, proofing tools for Latvian and Lithuanian, and the market-leading translator app for Baltic languages, Tilde Translator.

LT-Innovate, the forum for Europe’s language technology industry, shared the following insight on Tilde’s creation of Ēriks: “One by one, Europe’s smaller language populations are seeing the arrival of appropriate technology devices or their alphabets, texts, speech patterns, semantics, and more. The next step is to get them all integrated into a dynamic multilingual cloud.”

Tilde previously created a virtual 3D-based, English-language chat buddy for Android devices named Laura, released in late 2013. With an intellectual database relying on Artificial Intelligence Mark-Up Language, Laura can respond in English to basic questions and engage in simple conversations – the result of Tilde’s ongoing research in artificial intelligence and realistic 3D animation.

Laura and Ēriks can be downloaded for free from the Google Play online shop, along with other mobile apps created by Tilde.

Founded in 1991, Tilde is a leading European language technology developer with offices in all three Baltic states. Tilde has also developed the machine translation technology LetsMT, which can be customized for any language combination or industry. The technology has proven to perform better than Google Translate for Baltic languages.

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