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thebigwordGroup Fights Climate Change with Translations for Carbon Footprint Calculator

Monday, 7 April, 2008

New York, NY – April 8, 2008 – Going green is a top priority for thebigwordGroup and with its newly announced contract with Zerofootprint, it has taken steps to help our planet. Zerofootprint has contracted thebigwordGroup to professionally translate its widely used 1-Minute Calculator into sixteen languages. The translated calculator will help users worldwide measure and minimize their environmental impact.

Zerofootprint, an innovative environmental not-for-profit organization, helps individuals, businesses, and cities fight climate change. Ideas such as unplugging a cell phone charger once the phone has been charged or purchasing apples locally, not from Fiji, are some of the easy but practical tips that can be found on www.zerofootprint.net. Additionally, Zerofootprint specializes in creating and customizing carbon footprint calculators. Individuals can use these tools to measure and track their environmental impact, link with others, engage in sustainable initiatives, and form groups around green goals.

As 2008’s Earth Day rapidly approaches, thebigwordGroup is actively seeking ways to give back to the planet. US Vice President of Sales Greg Rosner comments, “Being green is also good for business, and working with Zerofootprint is a great opportunity for us. As part of our Green Policy, we have teamed up with a company that is actively protecting our environment and combining aspects of social media to achieve their goals. This translation project is important because it expands the reach of valuable information to people all over the world so that they can also measure and offset their carbon footprint. It’s in these small individual actions, multiplied by a great number of people around the world, which will have the greatest positive impact on slowing climate change. Once we learned the details and scope of the calculator, we were pleased to be able to donate a good portion of our translation services.”

“We are grateful for thebigwordGroup’s support because, thanks to them, this important tool will reach a significantly larger amount of people globally,” comments Deborah Kaplan, the Executive Director of Zerofootprint. “This will ensure that more individuals have access to the tools they need to fight climate change, strengthening overall our ability to address the climate crisis”.

The 1-Minute Calculator is meant to provide users with a quick gauge of their environmental impact so that they can then delve into more substantial environmental commitments. It can be found at: http://oneminute.zerofootprint.net

About Zerofootprint
Recently nominated for a “Crunchie Award” as most likely to change the world and named “Toronto's Best Green Organization” by blogTO, Zerofootprint’s goal is to mobilize and empower large groups of individuals and organizations worldwide to reduce their collective carbon and ecological footprint. We do this by harnessing the power of social networking, the Internet and software. Zerofootprint targets large organizations such as collections of cities, multinational corporations, universities, schools and multinational communities, which may span many countries. We enable them with infrastructure that can measure, aggregate, track and manage their individual and combined footprint. With clients ranging from Air Canada to City of Toronto, City of Boulder, City of Seattle and University of Guelph, Zerofootprint is on a mission to empower you to create a sustainable world. To learn more, visit: www.zerofootprint.net

About thebigwordGroup

thebigword is one of the world’s leading translation service providers, with offices in New York, Chicago London, Japan, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and most recently, China. Offering a global reach, thebigword is a multifaceted corporation allowing customers to experience the best in translation services encompassing the best technology solutions in the industry. With 30 years of experience working in the automotive industry, thebigword understands the processes involved in producing high quality, accurate and specialised translations. With a global network of over 7,500 linguists, including translators and interpreters, who operate in 150 languages and 500 language pairs across 77 countries, thebigword translates for a broad range of industries including finance, sales and marketing, healthcare, manufacturing and IT. Services provided by thebigword include: interpreting, multimedia voice over, eLearning, and web site translation and localization. For more information visit: www.thebigword.com.

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