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Thank you, GALA Volunteers and Supporters!


17 November 2011

GALA would like thank the many member volunteers and supporters who contributed to association activities in 2011. Many of GALA's initiatives are made possible through GALA member support and participation.

GALA’s success is thanks to talented members who are passionate about furthering the industry and working together for mutual benefit.  In the past year, members have volunteered in numerous ways to contribute to GALA’s activities, including speaking on panels, authoring articles, providing pro bono localization for GALA materials, and speaking to the media about member areas of expertise. 

Thank you to all the members and sponsors who made our activities in 2011 possible!

GALA Board of Directors

  • Hans Fenstermacher (TransPerfect/Translations.com)
  • Serge Gladkoff (Logrus International)
  • Kim Harris (text & form GmbH)
  • Aki Ito (TOIN Corporation)
  • Xavier Maza (iDisc Information Technologies)
  • Shelly Orr Priebe (Priebe & Associates)
  • Arturo Quintero (Moravia Worldwide)

GALA 2011 Conference Sponsors (Lisbon, Portugal)

  • Adobe® Technical Communication Suite 3
  • GeoWorkz
  • HCR Language Solutions
  • iDisc Information Technologies, S.L.
  • Interpro Translation Solutions, Inc.
  • JBI Studios
  • Kilgray Translation Technologies
  • L10N Studio - Comunicações Técnicas
  • Moravia Worldwide
  • Skrivanek Group
  • STP Nordic

GALA 2011 Film Fest

  • Fabiano Cid (Ccaps)
  • Cecilia Maldonado (IMTT)
  • Adrià Carreras Camprubí (video production)
  • Xavier Maza Cid (iDISC)

Local Event Hosts and Organizers

  • Simon Andriesen (MediLingua)
  • Terena Bell (In Every Language)
  • Ed Burke (Lionbridge)
  • Yumi Cho (E4NET)
  • Leslie Iburg (viaLanguage)
  • Aki Ito (TOIN Corporation)
  • Jasmine Liu (CSOFT)
  • Jean-Luc Mazet (Hewlett-Packard)
  • Shelly Priebe (Priebe and Associates)
  • Jessica Rathke (L10N Sales and Marketing)
  • Tom Roland (TOIN Corporation)
  • Manuela Simonetti (Interlanguage Translation)
  • Michael Stephenson (TOIN Corporation)
  • e2ftranslations, inc.
  • Viewstream

GALA Webinar Series: Tools Demonstrations

  • Kilgray Translation Technologies
  • Lionbridge
  • MemSource Technologies
  • MultiCorpora
  • Plunet
  • SDL
  • Smartling
  • Wordfast

GALA Webinar Series: Expert Presentations

  • Silvia Avary-Silveira (Symantec)
  • Janice Campbell (Adobe)
  • David Canek (MemSource Technologies)
  • Anders Corneliusson (EU)
  • Mike Dillinger (Translation Optimization Partners Consulting)
  • Robert Dorff (Greenstreet Group)
  • Jenny Grajpel (text & form GmbH)
  • Stanislav Kalianov (Schneider Electric)
  • Andrew Lawless (Dig-IT LLC)
  • Youngjoo Lee (Waters Corporation)
  • Deb Lewis (OCLC)
  • Kåre Lindahl (Venga Corporation)
  • Michel Lopez (e2f translations)
  • Gustavo Lucardi (Trusted Translations)
  • Gary Muddyman (Oxford Conversis)
  • Jessica Rathke (L10N Sales & Marketing)
  • Kirti Vashee (Asia Online)

Member Discount Offers

  • Advanced International Translations
  • Association of Language Companies (ALC)
  • Constant Contact
  • Dell
  • ETP Ireland
  • IMTT
  • Kilgray Translation Technologies
  • Language Technology Center
  • Lionbridge
  • Localization Institute
  • MultiCorpora
  • MultiLingual
  • Plunet
  • ProZ.com
  • SDL
  • Translation Optimization Partners (TOPs) Consulting
  • Wordfast
  • XTRF


  • GALA 2011 Conference Speakers (Lisbon, Portugal)
    Andrew Lawless  (Dig-IT! Consulting), Anita Sempels (Wordbee S.A.), Astrid Hager (Übersetzungsdienst Skrivanek GmbH), Bob Donaldson (Carson Strategy Group), Britta Schellenberg (Brightcove), Catherine Dove (PayPal), Daniel Grasmick (Lucy Software), Dimitri Stoquart (Stoquart, S.A.), Dominique Freibott (tsd Technik-Sprachendienst GmbH – Translations and Documentation), Don DePalma (Common Sense Advisory), Don Shin (1-Stop Translation USA), Elina Lagoudaki (Turner Broadcasting System Europe), Fabiano Cid (Ccaps), Fernando Peral (International Telecommunication Union), Gisela Donnarumma (Lionbridge, Inc.), Gordon Husbands (Wordbank, Ltd.), Greig Holbrook (Oban Multilingual), Gustavo Lucardi (Trusted Translations, Inc.), Hans Fenstermacher (TransPerfect / Translations.com), Harald Elsen (DELTA International CITS GmbH), Ian Henderson (Rubric), Inkaliisa Vihonen (European Commission, Directorate General for Translation), Javier González (Mc LEHM Language Services), Jean-Luc Mazet (Hewlett-Packard), Jenny Grajpel (text & form), Jessica Rathke (L10N Sales and Marketing), Jiri Stejskal (CETRA Language Solutions), Jochen Hummel (ESTeam AB), Joergen Danielsen (Eule Lokalisierung GmbH), Juan A. Alonso (Lucy Software Ibérica SL), Juan M. Cárdenas (Hilton Worldwide), Kåre Lindahl (Venga Corporation), Kim Harris (text & form), Laura Van Nigtevegt (Google), Loy Searle (Google), Maria Cecilia Maldonado (IMTT), Marla Schulman (Schreiber Translations, Inc.), Marta Aragao (Inpokulis), Martha Geller (Translations.com), Michael Fritz (tekom), Olga Beregovaya (PROMT Americas), Patrik Indola (Toshiba Europe), Pedro Díez-Orzas (Linguaserve Internacionalización de Servicios S.A.), Rebecca Petras (GALA/Petras Associates), Reinhard Schäler (Rosetta Foundation), Sandy Dupleich (Dynamic Language), Serge Gladkoff (Logrus), Shelly Orr Priebe (Priebe & Associates), Smith Yewell (Welocalize), Terena Bell (In Every Language), Thomas Pennell (TransPerfect / Translations.com), Véronique Özkaya (Moravia Worldwide), Wayne Bourland (Dell), Wouter Leeuwis (Waters Corporation), Xavier Maza Cid (iDisc Information Technologies), Ziad Chama (trac-e Technology Solutions)
  • XIX World Congress of the International Federation of Translators (FIT): GALA Panel on Working with Translators (San Francisco, USA)
    Michel Lopez (e2f translations), Uwe Muegge (CSOFT), Kåre Lindahl (Venga Corporation) 
  • ASAE Annual Conference (St. Louis, USA): GALA Speaker
    Hans Fenstermacher (TransPerfect / Translations.com)
  • Japanese Federation of Translators Forum (Tokyo, Japan):  GALA Panel on Industry Trends for Localization Overseas and Issues for Translation Businesses Panelists
    Aki Ito (TOIN Corporation) (moderator), Matt Arney (CSOFT), Michel Lopez (e2f translations, inc.), Arturo Quintero (Moravia Worldwide)
  • AGIS ’11 (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia): GALA Keynote Address
    Hans Fenstermacher (TransPerfect / Translations.com)
  • KIGO Conference (Seoul, Korea): GALA Keynote Address
    Aki Ito (TOIN Corporation)


  • GALA 2011 Program Committee
    Robert Etches (EICOM – a TextMinded Company), Serge Gladkoff  (Logrus), Daniel Grasmick (Lucy Software and Services), Wouter Leeuwis (Waters Corp.<
  • GALA 2012 Program Committee
    Wayne Bourland (Dell), Bob Donaldson (Carson Strategy Group), Robert Etches (EICOM – a TextMinded Company), Joseph Gomes (Viva Translations), Kim Harris (text & form)
  • tekom Program Committee
    Matthias Caesar (Locatech GmbH), Don DePalma (Common Sense Advisory), Michael Stephenson (TOIN Corporation)
  • Tools Corner Project
    Grzegorz Wójcik (MAGIT), Julien Gaulon-Brain (e2f translations, inc.)

Article Authors and Contributors

  • Gabriela Contreras (Continental Airlines)
  • Petra Cupakova (Aspena, s.r.o.)
  • Olga Fomenko (InText Translation Company)
  • Ian Henderson (Rubric)
  • Gordon Husbands (Wordbank, Ltd.)
  • Patrik Indola (Toshiba Europe)
  • Kåre Lindahl (Venga Corporation)
  • Michel Lopez (e2f translations)
  • Jessica Rathke (L10N Sales and Marketing)
  • Michael Read (The Level)
  • Mary Rosberg (Content Rules, Inc.)
  • Reinhard Schäler (Rosetta Foundation)
  • Gene Schriver (GLOBO)
  • Jan Spyridakis (University of Washington)
  • Lori Thicke (Translators Without Borders)
  • Dominique Trouche (WhP International SAS)
  • Inkaliisa Vihonen (European Commission, Directorate General for Translation)
  • Sharon Wolf (Qualidata Research Inc)

GALA Standards Initiative Supporters

  • 3:30 pm Linguistic Solutions
  • A-CLID
  • Adapt Localization
  • Amway Corporation
  • Baguette Translations
  • BeatBabel
  • Ccaps Translation and Localization
  • Clear Words Translations
  • Crestec
  • e2f translations, inc.
  • E4NET
  • GlobalWay Co., Ltd.
  • iDISC Information Technologies
  • Interpro Translation Solutions, Inc.
  • itl
  • L10N Studio - Comunicações Técnicas
  • Logrus
  • Loquant Ltda.
  • PassWord Europe
  • SDL
  • Stoquart SA
  • STP Nordic
  • text & form
  • The Level
  • TOIN Corporation
  • Welocalize
  • Zinacle

GALA Standards Initiative Partners

  • Brigham Young University Translation Research Group (TRG)
  • HP
  • LTAC
  • TAUS

If you have contributed to GALA and don't see your name listed, please let us know. We want to be sure you are recognized for the time effort you have given to GALA! Contact [email protected] to be added to our volunteer list.