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Thank you, GALA Volunteers and Supporters!


06 November 2010

GALA would like thank the many member volunteers and supporters who contributed to association activities in 2010. Many of GALA's initiatives are made possible through GALA member support and participation.

GALA’s success is thanks to talented members who are passionate about furthering the industry and working together for mutual benefit.  In the past year, members have volunteered in numerous ways to contribute to GALA’s activities, including speaking on panels, authoring articles, providing pro bono localization for GALA materials, and speaking to the media about member areas of expertise. 

Thank you to all the members and sponsors who made our activities in 2010 possible!

GALA Board of Directors

  • Hans Fenstermacher (TransPerfect/Translations.com)
  • Serge Gladkoff (Logrus International)
  • Kim Harris (text & form GmbH)
  • Aki Ito (TOIN Corporation)
  • Robinson Kelly (Clay Tablet Technologies)
  • Arturo Quintero (Moravia Worldwide)
  • Dimitri Stoquart (Stoquart SA)

GALA 2010 Sponsors

  • Moravia Worldwide (Platinum Sponsor)
  • CEET Ltd. (Gold Sponsor)
  • Alchemy Software Development, Ltd. (Silver Sponsor)
  • ACP Traductera
  • Aspena, s.r.o.
  • iDisc Information Technologies, S.L.
  • Interpro Translation Solutions
  • Kilgray Translation Technologies
  • Skrivanek
  • text & form GmbH
  • Translated in Argentina
  • ZELENKA Czech Republic Ltd.

Local Event Hosts and Organizers

  • Juan Cárdenas (Hilton Worldwide)
  • Lonie Goldsbury (PDI Ninth House)
  • Aki Ito (TOIN Corporation)
  • Liesl Leary (ENLASO)
  • Michel Lopez (e2f translations inc.)
  • Jean-Luc Mazet (Hewlett-Packard)
  • María Gabriela Morales (Rosario Traducciones y Servicios)
  • Shelly Orr Priebe (Priebe & Associates)
  • Jessica Rathke (Jonckers)
  • Michael Sank (TransPerfect/Translations.com)
  • Sara Scarpone (ENLASO)
  • Ralph Strozza (Interpro Translation Solutions)
  • Daniel Taricco (Rosario Traducciones y Servicios)

GALA Webinar Series: Tools Demonstrations

  • Andrä AG
  • Kilgray Translation Technologies
  • Language Technology Centre
  • MultiCorpora
  • Plunet
  • SDL
  • StorePOINT International
  • Welocalize (Globalsight)

GALA Webinar Series: Expert Presentations

  • Adam Asnes (Lingoport)
  • John Assalian (Viewstream)
  • Bob Donaldson (Carson Strategy Group)
  • Olga Fomenko (Intext Translation)
  • Jean-Luc Mazet (Hewlett-Packard)
  • Uwe Muegge (CSOFT International, Ltd)
  • Shelly Orr Priebe (Priebe & Associates)
  • Arturo Quintero (Moravia Worldwide)
  • Anna van Raaphorst and Dick Johnson (VR Communications)
  • John Watkins (ENLASO Corporation)

Member Discount Offers

  • Advanced International Translations
  • Beetext
  • IMTT
  • Kilgray Translation Technologies
  • Language Technology Center
  • Lionbridge
  • MultiCorpora
  • MultiLingual Computing
  • Plunet
  • StorePOINT
  • Viewstream


  • GALA 2010 Speakers (Prague, Czech Republic)
    Ingrid Allsop (Attachmate), Bob Donaldson (Carson Strategy Group), Don DePalma (Common Sense Advisory), John Dixon (Applied Language Solutions), Paul Doherty (Lionbridge Germany), Hans Fenstermacher (TransPerfect/Translations.com), Olga Fomenko (InText Translations), Serge Gladkoff (Logrus International), Lonie Goldsberry (PDI Ninth House), Kim Harris (text & form GmbH), Sophie Hurst (SDL International), Gordon Husbands (Wordbank, Ltd.), Aki Ito (TOIN Corporation), Jason King (CSOFT International, Ltd.), Eva Klaudinyova (VMware, Inc.), Tatyana Kolesnyk (InText Translations), Spyros Konidaris (Commit), Horst Liebscher (euroscript Systems GmbH), Paul Marz (Walt Disney Pictures & Television), Xavier Maza Cid (iDisc Information Technologies), Jean-Luc Mazet (Hewlett-Packard), Marcia Metz (EMC), Orlagh Moore (Oracle), Gary Muddyman (Conversis), Shelly Orr Priebe (Priebe & Associates), Véronique Özkaya (Moravia Worldwide), Chris Pyne (SAP), Arturo Quintero (Moravia Worldwide), Jonas Ryberg (Comsense), Reinhard Schäler (Localisation Research Centre – Centre for Next Generation Localisation), Tom Smith (SDL), Petra Stastna (Sun Microsystems), JiÅ™í Stejskal (CETRA Language Solutions), Dion Wiggins (Asia Online)
  • Washington State Export Office Workshop on Multilingual Marketing (Seattle, USA)
    Fabiano Cid (CCaps), Kim Harris (text & form GmbH), Véronique Özkaya (Moravia Worldwide)
  • Housewares Export Council (Miami, USA)
    Shelly Orr Priebe (Priebe & Associates)
  • ATC Annual Conference (London, UK)
    Gordon Husbands (Wordbank Ltd.)
  • Directorate-General for Translation at the EU Commission: Language Industry Web Platform Launch (Brussels, Belgium)
    Kim Harris (text & form GmbH)
  • GALA Language Industry Trends: EU Directorate for Translation Videos
    Adam Blau (Milengo), Matthias Caesar (Locatech division of Jonckers), Bob Donaldson (text & form GmbH), Serge Gladkoff (Logrus International), Mohammed Hassan (Arabize), Chris Hearn (LUCY Software), Aki Ito (TOIN), Mindaugas Kazlauskas (Synergium UAB), Michael Kemmann (ADAPT), Maria Maldonado (IMTT), Xavier Maza (iDisc Information Technologies, S.L.), Eric Nicod, Véronique Özkaya (Moravia Worldwide), Jiri Soltys (CEET), Peter Surján (GAMAX), Richard Sykes (MultiCorpora), Rick Woyde (LanguageWerks)


  • GALA 2010 Program Committee
    Kim Harris (text & form GmbH), Aki Ito (TOIN Corporation), Eva Klaudinyova (VMware), Jean Luc Mazet (Hewlett-Packard), Arturo Quintero (Moravia Worldwide)
  • GALA RFP Task Force
    Simon Andriesen (MediLingual Medical Translations), Peter Betts (Globalization Partners International), Maria Cecilia Calonico (Win & Winnow Communications), Julie Figueroa (Julie Figueroa Spanish Translation and Localization Solutions),Livia Florensa (CPSL), Serge Gladkoff (Logrus International), Jenny Grajpel (text & form GmbH), Erik Hansen (Applied Language Solutions), Gordon Husbands (Wordbank, Ltd.), Krysztof Leporowski (Studio Gambit), Jean-Luc Mazet (Hewlett-Packard), Nancy Prego (Comunicación Multilingüe), Jessica Rathke (Jonckers Translation & Engineering), Manuela Simonetti (Interlanguage Translation, Ltd.), Hugo Torres (Clear Words Translations), Rocío Cava Tortosa (SeproTec), Janaina Wittner (WhP)
  • tekom Program Committee
    Matthias Caesar (Locatech GmbH), Don DePalma (Common Sense Advisory), Massimo Ghislandi (SDL International), Janaina Wittner (WhP)
  • GALA Conference Direction Task Force
    Hans Fenstermacher (TransPerfect/Translations.com), Kim Harris (text & form GmbH), Robinson Kelly (Clay Tablet Technologies), Dimitri Stoquart (Stoquart SA)

Article Authors and Contributors

  • John Dixon (Applied Language Solutions)
  • Bob Donaldson (Carson Strategy Group)
  • Cynthia Edwards (Razorfish global eCRM Solutions)
  • Gordon Husbands (Wordbank)
  • Ian Henderson (Rubric)
  • Yves Lang (ENLASO Corporation)
  • Julie Makoushina (Palex)
  • Gary Muddyman (Conversis)
  • Jessica Rathke (Jonckers Translation & Engineering)
  • Libor Safar (Moravia Worldwide)
  • Tom Smith (SDL International)


  • Interpro Translation Solutions

If you have contributed to GALA and don't see your name listed, please let us know. We want to be sure you are recognized for the time effort you have given to GALA! Contact [email protected] to be added to our volunteer list.